Mom Meet Mom: A Working Mom’s Godsend

When I became a mom, I was on the lookout for other moms to commiserate with, to have play dates with, and to arrange girl’s night outs with on those days when breaks from parenting were wanted.  The problem, though, that I had, was that my closest friends, with kids even, don’t live anywhere close to me.  Of course I’ve made work friends at work, however, easily meeting up with them is hard since I work several cities over from where I live.  Plus, their kids are older, as I’ve been the youngest female teacher at both schools I’ve taught at.  And then there are the friends who live in my phone, where even Skype dates can be hard to arrange with differing schedules.  I’ve also tried connecting with moms at Abby’s activities, but those who I’ve connected with the most, have been during summer weekday classes at the YMCA with SAHM’s, and once I’m back to work, we lose contact.  Life just happens. And mom’s groups, well forget about that.  Their meetings are always during the work week.

With all of these difficulties connecting with other moms in real life, I was intrigued when I saw that Christa, a loyal follower of LWM, took out that ad on the right sidebar for her new venture, Mom Meet Mom.  I was super curious about how Mom Meet Mom worked.  Was there hope for me in connecting with more local moms?  Moms that shared my working lifestyle?  Moms that shared my likes?

I soon discovered that Mom Meet Mom was was created by three moms, Christa Terry (huge LWM supporter!), Julia High, and Meg Gerritson, who wanted to create a space where their “goal is to take the guesswork and stress out of “mom dating” so you can build an amazing mom support network, no matter what your situation.”  These three moms began this business not only to help other moms, but to use their professional talents in a positive way, in a mom run venture.

I decided to set up my own profile to see how it works so I can share it with you.  (Yes, Mom Meet Mom is sponsoring this blog, but in no way shape or form was I asked to try to system out.  It was my own choice.) Besides plugging in your zip code and how many miles you are willing to travel, you answer basic questions about likes, dislikes, lifestyle, family, professional life, and even what you are looking for…someone just to have playdates with or a genuine good long lasting friend..  You have an option to answer more detailed questions as well, which I did and found to be quick and easy.  The whole process took no more than 10 minutes.  Fancy pants algorithms are used to match moms up and then you have the option to send and receive messages.  What I dig about this process is that you receive messages within your account on their site.  Your email isn’t bombarded. In addition, you choose a username, so the women you are connecting with don’t have access to your full legal name if you don’t want that.  It’s up to you how much information you want to give.

After going through this whole process, I fully understand the “mom dating” part of Mom Meet Mom’s mission.  I’ve never used one of those online dating services, but this seems to be very similar to what I’ve heard about them.

Right now, I don’t have any matches, but Mom Meet Mom is very new and in their beta testing.  But the more moms that sign up from around the US, the more moms there will be to be matched with.  Oh, and did I mention that this service is FREE!  I believe in the future they are working to develop different levels of memberships that will be for a nominal cost, but the basics are all free.

You should totally check Mom Meet Mom, sign up, and support these three momma’s and their new business venture in their plight to help all moms.

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