Life Changes While Working

20130507-213850.jpgThis summer, I’ll be having a baby. Hopefully sometime between July and August if this little guy decides to cooperate. We’ll also be moving across the country. My husband is in the Army and we’re headed to North Carolina (Ft. Bragg). We’ll be leaving in September.

If that isn’t enough to do, at the end of September I’ve been asked to speak at the Influence Conference in Indianapolis. This is the first time I’ve ever been asked to speak at a blog conference, and it’s beyond an honor to be able to do. The timing is crazy though. It means juggling a move, my husband’s work, my work, a new baby, my preschooler, and travel in between.

While it would be easy to say, “Bad timing,” I really want to do this. I know that it could open doors to other opportunities I can only dream of. I want to share my story with other women, to encourage someone who may have found or find themselves in my shoes with loss or faith or motherhood. To me, as a work at home mom and writer, this chance is like being offered a promotion at your job. One that you’ve been eyeballing for 3 1/2 years, but didn’t know if you could ever have a shot at.

What I’m trying to figure out is how to prepare with two other major life changes happening. I don’t know when this baby will get here – my last two pregnancies having never made it to full term. We also aren’t sure when we’ll move. My husband has to report by October 10th, meaning we have to be there before that.

There isn’t much I can control, so I’m trying to focus on letting things play out in the next few months. Enjoy a pregnancy, work on getting our stuff ready, keep things in a routine for my daughter. Speaking at Influence gives me something (work wise) to look forward to and strive for.

I’m new at trying to balance all this. Military life often trumps my work life in many ways I can’t control. An unpredictable pregnancy does the same. I never thought I’d be looking at three massive life events in such a short span, and I’m excited for each.

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  • Adrienne says:

    You have a great, relaxed attitute and one that I know I need to work on more. I’ve passed up opportunities because of having too much on my plate and know that is causing me to plateau a bit professionally. There’s always a trade-off but thanks for the inspirational boost to say “yes” more and see how it plays out. Best of luck with all of the great new journeys in the coming months.
    Twitter: WandWorkMom

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