{No Longer} Struggling with Solids

Somehow in the last four months, Lucy & Zach went from struggling so much with solids that I wrote a post on it, spoke with our PA & pediatrician & was on the verge of sending Lucy & Zach to a specialist to BOOM good eaters. I’d say I don’t know how this happened, but I kinda do.

We kept at it. Even though it was messy & a major waste of our precious time & money & milk, I gave them purees {almost} every night. I was hoping repetition was a key to them learning this wasn’t going away.

We tried new things. After a week or two of all of us being covered in rice cereal, I gave up on just that alone. I turned to my moms on the internet for advice & baby food recipe books, & we started new foods such as avocados, bananas & sweet potatoes. I rallied behind every {however small} success. Swallowing one bite was regaled with praise & clapping.

I let daycare share the burden. After weeks & weeks of nightly fails, I sent food into the hands of the professionals. They feed & get babies to eat on a daily basis. This was new to me & Lucy & Zach. And soon after they started getting purees at school & they moved into the infant 2 room, something began to click with them. It wasn’t long after that daycare began asking me to send larger portions.


Seasoned black beans ready to be pureed, ice cube trays of mangos & peas.

I mix their favorites with new foods. Instead of water, I use breast milk in all the purees for extra calories & taste. Once we discovered Lucy especially loved all things fruit, I added her beloved fruit purees as I introduced other veggies, proteins & starches. I tried to mix things that I thought sounded good together, were things we ate together or were foods I’d seen together in the organic pouches. Our stand by mixes: sweet potatoes with pineapple {think Thanksgiving casseroles}; black beans, avocado & blueberry/banana; mashed white potatoes with rosemary & breast milk; peas &/or green beans & pears.

Even though they are eating mostly mixes now, other than blueberry/banana, I puree individually foods. I freeze almost all then in either ice-cube trays or the baby bullet containers. It’s easy & quick to grab three ice-cube of purees, throw them into a gladware container & have the babies lunch ready to go to daycare.

I follow most of the food guidelines & I also don’t. We’re a little behind on meats. But they’ve tried clementines & frozen yogurt. And yogurt is the main one I didn’t stick to the rules on. Lucy got a bad yeast diaper rash after double ear infections at the beginning of January. At the advice of her pediatrician, I first bought yobaby yogurt & probotics.

They didn’t love yogurt then but soon discovered it was fun & fruity! We now serve yogurt {I buy big containers of organic whole milk plain yogurt, TJ’s is our favorite} as afternoon snack {at daycare} & at home as “dessert” after grains/veggies.

The tossed aside rice cereal has found a new use with yogurt too. Our pediatrician recommended me sneaking in extra calories by stirring rice cereal into their yogurt.

I use my mixing strategy here with yogurt too. Whatever fruit puree I have left over from an earlier meal typically goes in the next day’s yogurt. They like pineapple, mango, blueberry, pear & banana. I’m looking forward to spring/summer & trying new, local, in-season fresh fruits.

As they are on the verge of being one year old {eeek!}, I’m trying more finger foods & meats which are being met with some of the old struggles. But I’m more confident & following my own advice this time around.

What are or were some of your toddlers’ favorites? What struggle have your overcome with your little ones that you’re especially proud of?


  • Brandy says:

    YAY! Glad it is going so well! We are coming out of purees and I am also looking for more finger food choices. We do pasta quite a bit, peas, diced fruits, beans, cereal (chex, cheerios, bran flakes), all natural corn chips and even just brown rice. I think it is really helping his pincer grasp.
    Brandy recently posted..TroubleMy Profile
    Twitter: mannlymama

    • Suz says:

      Zach likes finger foods a lot. Actually he did better with them than purees for a lil while. Their pincher grasps are pretty impressive. We do puffs, cheerios, these Gerber cheese puff looking things as well as Graham crackers often. I’ve tried asparagus, sauteed red peppers, black beans, rotisserie chicken, green beans, strips for deli turkey & cheese, toast, waffles & cut up bananas.
      I saw your photo last night & realized we needed to be moving away from purees soon too.
      It seems like just when *I* get something down in this world of parenthood, its time to switch things up!!!
      Suz recently posted..On the verge of OneMy Profile
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