A Working Mom’s Paradise

There were no kids. There was no one to clean up after. There was no TV.

There was sleeping in until 6:30 AM…which I’m fully aware sounds ridiculous, but when you’re a working mom, that’s totally sleeping in, ammiright!?

There was a big, beautiful home. There was sun. There was sunblock. {We’re responsible mamas} There was peacefulness. There were drinks. There were bikinis by the pool. There was chatting. There was laughter. {So Much laughter.}

It was paradise.

Working Mom's Paradise

If you live under a rock, or you know…don’t follow me on instagram or twitter…last weekend was part one of using my vacation for actual vacation. As a working mom, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Everyone I talked to before my trip asked me what our plans were. Everyone since my trip have been asking me what we did. I get a nod of solidarity from fellow working moms and a look of disbelief from everyone else when I tell them we did absolutely nothing and it was absolutely glorious.

As a working mom, we’re always on. We have to be on at work for our careers. We have to be on at home for our kids. After the kids are in bed, we have to be on prepping things for the next day, cleaning up the house and oh yea, spending time with our spouse. There’s almost never down-time. The ability to step away from reality, even for just a couple of days was both surreal and amazing.

I’m also here to tell you…if you have a group of girlfriends and you’ve all been thinking/joking/talking/on the fence about a weekend trip with no kids and no husbands, I really encourage you to make it happen. Talk about good for the soul. I came home completely refreshed.

I never got to do the “spring break” thing when I was in college because I was always trying to squeeze as many hours of work as possible into the week. Now I’m glad I didn’t, because I’m willing to bet cash dollars that traveling with fellow working moms that just want a break is way better than traveling with a bunch of looking-to-get-super-drunk-and-do-who-knows-what-to-who-knows-who college kids. I’m thinking this needs to be an annual thing and I think the lovely ladies I shared the weekend with are in full agreement.

This weekend was all possible due to my boss and his wife, their generous hearts and their winter home.

So that makes it official…I can never get another job. Ever.


  • Brandy says:

    Brandy recently posted..TroubleMy Profile
    Twitter: mannlymama

  • Jessie says:

    I have to say, y’all made me jealous last weekend. My girl friends and I take a yearly trip and they are graciously postponing it to the very end of summer because of my end of June due date. As excited as I am to have this baby, I’m equally excited to set the date for our girls weekend.

    So glad that you ladies had so much fun.
    Twitter: jessieyeager

  • Shannon says:


    I followed you ladies religiously all weekend and am so happy for you and SO jealous of you at the same time! I have never taken time away from my son overnight unless it has been work-related and I always feel so so guilty when I do. I also feel like my “friendships” have stretched and shrunk down to nothing since getting married/having kids. I love the analogy you made about spring break because I, too, never did the party scene, never had a spring break. I went from high school to college to responsibly working to married to baby. Your “doing nothing” sounds glorious. But 6:30 a.m.?! Bump that! I sleep in til 8 at least on weekends… on that vacay, y’all might not have seen me til 10 or 11!!
    Shannon recently posted..Honestly, The Happiest Place on Earth?My Profile

    • Kat says:

      All my trips have always been for work as well. Well, anything more than 1 night anyway. I felt a little twinge of guilt when I left and when I was on my way home, but during the actual trip? No guilt to be found. I think you’d surprise yourself. ;)

      I WISH I could sleep in past 6:30 or 7…maybe when the baby is a little older?
      Kat recently posted..Where Nothing Means Everything.My Profile
      Twitter: lilmissrysmama

      • Brandy says:

        To note, when you get 3 days to spend with people, get up early to suck it all in. Seriously. It was nice to be talking for hours and look down and realize it is 9:30 am. You have SO much time. I also say this being the one 3 hours ahead. And? The pump beckons…
        Brandy recently posted..TroubleMy Profile
        Twitter: mannlymama

  • Madonna says:

    Your weekend sounds incredible and I’m glad you all had that chance to relax and hang out IRL. My girlfriends and I get together one weekend a year and it’s ah-mazing. (They are in TX and AL while I’m in NY.)

    I’m jealous of your boss’ winter home. I totally thought it was a rental or something and was going to ask how you went about it…
    Madonna recently posted..New Digs… Coming Soon!My Profile

    • Kat says:

      Never even realized how important girl time was until now. Where do you guys normally go on your weekends? I know they do home rentals in Arizona…when I was researching lodging for our trip to Hawaii this summer, I was looking at vacationrentals.com.

      P.S. I hate having such amazing friends spread so far apart!!
      Kat recently posted..Where Nothing Means Everything.My Profile
      Twitter: lilmissrysmama

      • Madonna says:

        Thanks, I’ll check out the site.

        We try to rotate so only two of the three of us have to fly. We’ve met up in Florida, Charleston, Nashville, and this past year was NYC. One friend is expecting this fall, so it will be Alabama for her baby shower. It’s tough going all year, but when we see each other, you wouldn’t know it had been a year. I hope this past weekend was something you can make an annual event!

  • Jamie says:

    Girls weekends are so fun and so needed! You all looked like you had so much fun!
    Jamie recently posted..Tidbits: Spring Break EditionMy Profile
    Twitter: Jamieweitl

  • Jenn says:

    Love it. So happy all you hard working mommas got a weekend off!
    Jenn recently posted..Live Action TuesdayMy Profile

  • cayley rice says:

    I’m jealous of the vacation but mostly of having friends with whom to share a vacation. I don’t have that and it makes me sad, and lonely, despite my awesome family. VRBO.com has rentals by owner (vacation rentals by owner) My family used it in Paris on the one vacation I have taken in the last 5 years.

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