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5 Great On-the-Go Snacks

For a long time, every evening was a battle. Inevitably, I would pick the girls up from school and on the drive home Rylee would ask for a snack when we got home. I always had the same answer…”if Daddy […]

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Sorry I Didn’t Write a Post

This is the  sort of seventh post in our Liberating Working Dads Series. Tracy et al. I don't want to place any blame on the reason I didn't write my

Liberating Working Moms

Daycare drop off – the short end of the stick

One of my favorite perks of being a working mom can be summed up in 3 words. Daycare pick up. You know... the arms outstretched screechy time of day

Liberating Working Moms

Sick Momma Day

Katherine has posted recently on the importance of us mommas taking our vacation time for ourselves. I love that idea & added it to my hopefully-one-day-sooner-than-later to-do list. I

Liberating Working Moms

Outsourcing for the Working Mom {Housework Edition}

I took a second job. My husband got a new job that would require longer hours. My son’s birthday party was fast approaching. My house? A mess. I’ve


100-hour Weeks at the Best Job I’ve Ever Had

This is the sixth post in our Liberating Working Dads Series. I heard an interesting statistic this week.  When asked what would most improve their quality of life, the


The Neverending Story: Laundry

One of the mixed blessings of working from home is the chores are always looming over my head like a rain cloud.  Often, I'll take breaks from the


Family Dinner: The Working Mom Conundrum

If you don't know me outside of this space, I am a little fanatical about food. Not in a "foodie" way like looking for the perfect kumquat to

Liberating Working Moms

7 Tips for Survival {Working and Severe Morning Sickness Edition}

I want to preface this post by saying I AM NOT CURRENTLY PREGNANT NOR WILL I BE PREGNANT ANY TIME SOON. And now, continue: Two of my co-workers and


Winning and Worrying

I've started working more recently.  I'm not the one picking up the kiddo from school most days and sometimes, I'm required to be out for meetings in the

quitting television

Quitting TV. Sort of.

I've talked a lot on here about how much TV has helped me get all the things done as a working mom.  When we get home from work

Liberating Working Moms

The Working Mom Bias, it’s real.

I've  been a working mom for 3 years now. Unfortunately due to 2 layoffs I have been in 3 different office environments during that time. One office was filled


{No Longer} Struggling with Solids

Somehow in the last four months, Lucy & Zach went from struggling so much with solids that I wrote a post on it, spoke with our PA & pediatrician &

Working Mom's Paradise

A Working Mom’s Paradise

There were no kids. There was no one to clean up after. There was no TV. There was sleeping in until 6:30 AM...which I'm fully aware sounds ridiculous, but when you're

6 Ways to Make Working From Home Easier

6 Ways to Make Working From Home Easier

It's 1pm. My 3-year-old is down for her nap, although I can still hear her playing. The house is semi picked up, the dog is in his cage

Candace Cameron Bure

Childhood Icons Turned Working Moms

I grew up in the 90s. Which means at the end of every school week, I foamed at the mouth in anticipation of the TGIF television line-up and

overcome guilt

6 Tips to Overcome Working Mom Guilt

I have been a working mama for both of my boys’ entire lives. I’ve worked for the same company since I graduated from college. I have held a


My Favorite TV Working Moms {Part 2}

I recently saw this article fly across Twitter and something struck a cord with me. Basic overview is it broke down some of the major 90's sitcoms and


Finding the Right Setup as a Part-Time Work at Home Dad

This is the fifth post in our Liberating Working Dads Series. Back in the days before children, my wife and I came to an agreement. Whenever we had kids,

Liberating Working Moms

Late Nights Make My Days Easier

Now that I’m back to my full-time teaching job after a completely exhausting family trip to Disney refreshing spring break week, all of my many responsibilities have returned.

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