1 Husband, 1 Child, 2 Jobs

Last week, I did something I thought I would never do: I accepted an offer for a part-time job.

Currently, I teach English to approximately 120 high school freshmen each day. I constantly take home grading, so I’m accustomed to working after hours. However, my days end around 2:30-3 and my evenings are spent how I choose. If I want to go out to eat, I go out to eat. If I want to attend a class at the gym (and I do exercise 6 days a week) and my husband is available to watch my son, I attend that class. If I want to spend time playing trains with my son or taking a walk, I play trains and take walks. If I feel like I need to chip away at my pile of grading, I spend some time doing that after my son falls asleep.

Now? Now my evenings are decided for me. Now my evenings are scheduled. Now my evenings are interrupted. Now my evenings are even fuller than they used to be—if that’s possible.

This doesn’t even take into account the process of attaining a second job. God, the paperwork. W4s and online forms and performance evaluations to scan and email and drug testing and fingerprinting and OMG WHEN WILL I DO ALL THESE THINGS?

But one thing I’ve found out is: We make time. We working mothers know how to create time when there just isn’t any more to go around. We multitask, we trouble shoot, and we figure shit out.

It’s involved getting up early. It’s involved staying up late. It’s involved a lot of help from my mother-in-law and my mother when I’ve needed help with my son. It’s involved the support of my husband, which I am so thankful to have. And it’s involved patience—of which I typically have ZERO.

For many reasons, I’ve accepted an instructional support position with a company that will allow me to assist teachers of record with the grading of online student work. I traveled last weekend for training—and I’ve never traveled for work before—and I had to complete two weeks of training sessions from 5-8 p.m. When I left work at 2:30, I had to do a quick run at the gym, pick up my son, get home and have some snack/play time, start dinner, then hand the baby off to my husband before beginning job #2.

My schedule?



But as I said, I accepted the position for good reasons. This position will provide my family with additional income—bonus #1. Furthermore, this position will provide me with increased experience in education—specifically, virtual education—that I’ve never had before. One HUGE plus to accepting this second job is that I will work through the summer, something I’ve never had to before but actually look forward to. I will have the opportunity to create my own hours—within limits—and can still enjoy my summer because 1) I will have flexibility and 2) I’ll finally have some cash to do things.

I’m nervous because I’m already spread thin, but hopefully, I’ll tackle this, get more organized, and see some positive results. Plus, this could lead to new and different opportunities as a teacher in the future.

I’ve known quite a few teachers who maintain their teaching jobs as well as second jobs. But I’ve never done this before as a wife and mother, too. So, any moms out there who juggle marriage, children and 2 jobs? Any advice on how to make this transition as smooth as possible?


  • Jamie says:

    I’ve been exactly in your position. It’s definitely difficult when you’re starting out. I would usually get up between 3 and 4 in the morning and get as much done as I possibly could before Bo was awake for the day. By the evening, my brain starts to shut down and it just doesn’t go as quickly. I’ve always been a morning person though.

    Also, detailed organization and planning. You’ve got to have a copious list of whats on your plate for each week and each day. On Sunday afternoon, I take some time and map out my week. Workout plans. Meal plans. Other plans. Then I go school by school and create a list of what has to happen each day. Then a list of any writing commitments. etc. It’s full. It’s hectic. And don’t forget to squeeze an hour or two in somewhere for mindless things that you enjoy — mine is usually blog reading. :)

    • Shannon says:


      Thanks SO much for your advice–I will need it. My house is not the most organized place on earth, so that is where I’m going to need to be vigilant. I’ve been good so far about making to-do lists and going down, checking things off as I go. I just feel like I’m running 100 mph each day without stopping!!
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      • Jamie says:

        I’d like to tell you that 100mph goes away — but it really doesn’t. You’ll learn to balance it better — learn what items can be dropped and that aren’t priorities, but the break-neck pace doesn’t really get better until you decide to focus on one job again — which I’m trying to do, but still not doing successfully!
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