Working With Style {Twins Childcare Edition}

We LWMs have been chatting about doing a kiddo edition of Working With Style. I loved that idea as Lucy & Zach often go off to daycare looking way cuter than my typical work day attire.

I snapped some photos when I had the chance in the morning, at daycare during pickup, or once we got home in the evening over the last week or two. I tend to stick with comfortable cotton clothes for the babies. But I like for them to look cute too!

Lucy & Zach's daycare looks

Lucy & Zach’s daycare looks

I think all the clothes Zach and Lucy are wearing in the above photo collage are from Carter’s {either hand-me-downs or purchased on sale at Kohl’s or our Carter’s outlet} except for Lucy’s pink Be Mine onesie is from Target & the fleece pants she wore that day are from Walmart.

We love Trumpette socks. I bought them from a friend with multiples, & both Zach & Lucy wear them because they stay on their feet & look cute.

Zach and Lucy daycare style

Zach and Lucy daycare style

Zach’s navy & red outfit is a 3-6 mo Gymboree hand-me-down {I made lil babies}. The pjs in the second photo are what they came home from daycare in one night & both were consignment sale finds. Lucy’s Baby Sis onesie’s from Target & her purple leggings are hand-me-downs. Zach’s Tough Guy outfit is from Target. I just love him in stripes!

Jean Overalls FTW! {sleepy faces due to DST}

Jean Overalls FTW! {sleepy faces due to DST}

I bought Zach Carter’s jean overalls on sale right before Christmas & pared them with a Target striped onesie for Wednesday morning. My mom found a Walmart brand new jean overall dress for Lucy at a consignment store & snatched it up for me. Lucy’s overalls I pared with hand-me-down Boden tights & a brown Carter’s hand-me-down onesie.

Feel free to jump on this idea & show off your kiddo{s}’ style in a post of your own. I’d love to see your childrens’ school & daycare style. Do they go in pjs? Are y’all more of fancy clothes people? Do you have specific daycare clothes?

As a newish mom who’s running out of beloved hand-me-downs, I’d also love to hear in the comments where you find the best deals on clothes for your little ones!


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