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meandlittleThis week’s featured working mom, Carole of Surf Momma, is no stranger to LWM. She’s written three fabulous guest posts already. Back in July she told us all about a jab at the working mom, where people weren’t considerate of her time.  Then in August she shared with us how she keeps the romance alive with her husband. And more recently, she gave us great workplace tips for the working parent.  It great to have such amazing support from Carole!  She and her husband are raising their son Allan in what looks like the most picturesque place on the coast of North Carolina where her job as a marine biologist is perfectly matched with this coast living. You can also find her tweeting as @SurfMommaBlog.  When you’re done reading, make sure to stop by her blog and check her out.

How long have you been a working momma for and what do you do for your profession?

I’ve been a working momma for almost four years now.  I’m a marine biologist,  and I work with recreational fisherman, our charter boat industry as well as help run the lab for my department (we sample commercial and recreational catches of fish and age those fish).

When Allan grows up, what do you want him to remember about you being his working momma?

Honestly, I want him to remember the little things.  I want him to remember that I was there for his class parties and performances.  That I made it to practices and games.  I want him to remember always being a priority over my job despite my job.

What are some key parts of your work week routine that make things go as smooth as possible?

Getting as much ready the night before has become a big deal.  Coffee ready, clothes laid out, gym bags and book bags by the front door.  Also, meal planning is a huge sanity saver. If I don’t know what we’ll have for dinner, I can’t make any promises about how our evening will go.  I also try to clean on Thursday night, I don’t want to have to spend my weekends dusting.

What is one piece of advice you have to expecting working mommas?

It will all be okay.  You will have bad days at work, and you will have bad days as a mom and sometimes those days are one in the same.  But it is really okay, our children love us and work will be there tomorrow.  So eat pizza, get snuggles, try again tomorrow.

What’s the hardest part for you as a working mom?

For me, it’s travel and working weekends.  Thankfully there are times when I can bring Allan along (when my husband is also traveling), but that also means making arrangements for care and sitters and activities in another town.

What is a rewarding part for you as a working mom?

Is it to cheesy to say pick-up?  After nearly four years of daycare I love how he nearly knocks me down with a hug every single day.  He is always so happy to start our evenings together!

Is your company family friendly? How so?

No, not really.  I work for the government so while our benefits are okay, that’s about where it ends.  Even though I’ve got a government job it’s not a 9 to 5 kind of gig. Working with the public keeps me working weekends and on the road.  I am very fortunate to have a very understanding and supportive boss and that goes a long way!

theboysHow do you balance or try to balance (who really has balance) the demands of your job, the demands of your blog, and the demands of being a momma and wife?

Balance – well – I’m not a master by any means.  I live and die by my to-do list, if it’s not in writing it’s in serious danger of not getting done.  Also I try not to over commit to any one thing, some weeks some things just have to slide.  Will it matter in 5 years?  I ask myself that a lot!

How does your husband support you?

My husband is extremely supportive, if I really need something all I have to do is say it, ask for the help and it’s there.  We both have crazy schedules and none of what one does is possible without the other.  Serious teamwork up in here!

What are some important things you make time for you…that elusive “me time” that we seem to forget about once baby arrives?

You found my weak spot.  I’m terrible at this.  I recently realized I let a spa gift certificate expire (who does that?).  Books are my big escape though, I read a lot and my love of reading is something I really hope to pass on to Allan.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? 

My husband runs a fishing boat, so our jobs overlap a lot, so does our travel and crazy hours.  We rely heavily on each other to keep our family going.  Not to mentioned how blessed we are with the help of friends and family.  For us it truly takes a village.

Do you have any more questions for Carole? Any comments for her? Let’s keep this conversation going below.

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