LWM On Huffington Post Live

Last week was a whirlwind. And in the most amazing way. In addition to the crazy busy, yet one of the most fulfilling weeks at work (you know when a student smiles and says they are feeling better about having to write essays and another one giggles and says that this class is so much fun), I was contacted on Thursday by Huffington Post Live. I read the email twice to make sure what I was reading was truly real. As a blogger you get so many random questionable, do you even read LWM pitches that I’ve been accustom to deleting them. But not this one.

Earlier last week Devon Corneal, a working mom lawyer and Huffington Post blogger posted an article all about What Not to Say to Working Moms, which immediately went viral. And with over 1200 comments, Huffington Post Live decided to do a segment with Devon and other working moms since they knew this was a hot topic. In addition to Forbes blogger Wendy S. Goffe who last May wrote Who Started the Mommy Wars? and Samantha Ettus, professional speaker, Forbes blogger and founder of Working Moms Lifestyle, they chose me. They asked me. They wanted Liberating Working Moms to have a voice too.

I’m still reeling from this amazing opportunity. And I’m starting to get over the fact that I had a real mom moment on air as Abby crashed the show. But that’s what momming is about, and being a working mom at that. Sometimes you’re doing your work and your kid needs you so you just do the best you can.

Here is the video for you to check out. I hope I did LWM and all working moms proud! And I hope they ask me back again so I can figure out a better lighting situation. I was obviously the novice of the group.



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