Working With Style {Workout Clothes Edition}

LWM-300x300-Working-With-Stylebutton1The truth is, I have no style.  Especially since I started my new full-time online gig, I barely wear anything but workout clothes.  However, I do like nice workout clothes — so let’s talk workout clothes style.  At least if I am going to wear workout clothing every day (and skip a shower — although I bought some dry shampoo and I am doing better with this!) it should be quality and comfortable workout clothing, right?

My favorite winter attire is Under Armour fleece 1/4 zip (on sale) layered over a t-shirt paired with Under Armour black perfect pants (short-length), dri-fit socks, and tennis shoes.  This has become my WAHM uniform this winter as it it’s quick, easy, comfortable, and warm.

In the warmer months, I rock the Lululemon Studio Crops daily.  They are also super comfortable and perfect for hauling the trio to swimming lessons and crossing my legs with a laptop on top while I grade papers.   I love the deep pockets — perfect for storing my cell phone, wallet, and keys, as I am currently not a purse carrier.

Workout Clothes Edition

The outfit shown above, is from Athleta, and is an outfit I would actually wear to the gym or to yoga — not to work or schlep the children. The top and pants are currently on sale.  I love the top because it is looser in the belly and ties at the bottom.  If I wear this to yoga (we won’t discuss the last time I actually made it to a yoga class…), it doesn’t slip up and show my twin skin — and it’s also loose enough that my belly isn’t showcased like some of the more form-fitting athletic tops.  I also have dedicated running gear, but I think that could be an entirely different post.

What are some of your favorite workout pieces?  Do you only wear workout gear to workout, or do you wear it as casual apparel as well? What about those of you that workout during lunch?  Do you worry about workout style?

Now it’s your turn to link up. Can’t wait to see how all of you are Working With Style!


  • Shannon says:

    Mannnn, you beat me to it!! I like that top, too. I love my new workout clothes!! I love Fila tops and I always have to wear shorts/capri-looking work out pants because the yoga pants… well, I’m short. So I step all over them! lol!
    Shannon recently posted..Word of 2013My Profile

  • Jamie says:

    Shannon — try the Under Armour black yoga perfect pants in short-length. I always had that problem too — too short! These are amazing. They are a bit pricey, but seriously, I want to live in them. I wear them ALL THE TIME!
    Jamie recently posted..January 2013 Round-UpMy Profile

  • Madonna says:

    When I first started hitting the gym, I just used whatever I had in my wardrobe – random track pants, old college t-shirts, etc. I finally purchased a few off-brand under armor shirts to wear under some t-shirts I got at Old Navy (no one needs to see my belly – not even me – ha), running shorts, and new sneakers. I actually feel a little more put together when I go to the gym.

    When I get closer to my goal weight, I would like to try to find some not-too-fitted capri-length workout pants. We have long winters in upstate NY and the static is insane if you wear pants over workout shorts to get to the gym, but way too cold to just wear shorts!
    Madonna recently posted..Can You Buy Time?My Profile

  • cayley rice says:

    I do a lot of pilates, which doesn’t require a sports bra if you can find a really good top. The only one I can find that holds me up (I’m a 32dd, so not huge, but big enough to need good support) and has liners so my nipples don’t show (i don’t know why this isn’t standard, b/c it makes me really self-conscious and I can’t be the only one) is from old navy. Super cheap!

  • Tracy says:

    I desperately need new workout clothes as my pants are falling off of me since I’ve lost weight. And man, I dig the links you have, but I can only afford like Target brands right now and by can afford, I mean I just got paid and had extra bills and will have to wait till next month. But still, I need to be looking as cute as you when I workout.
    Twitter: wa_tracy

    • Jamie says:

      Since workout clothing is basically all I wear — I wear the same pieces over and over and over. I’ve found it’s worth it to me to save up and buy a few nice pieces that I feel good in.
      Jamie recently posted..Finally! Snow!My Profile

    • I’ve got the worst looking gym clothes. Ratty t-shirts, faded yoga pants. I know I’d feel better working out if I bought a few new things but, I am crazy cheep. I feel like I’m only in them for an hour or so 4-ish times a week and that I shouldn’t splurge on them, but I really should.
      Carole (SurfMomma) recently posted..Cutting the Processed… My big hangup…My Profile
      Twitter: SurfMommaBlog

  • HeatherK says:

    Tracy: I have a pair of $100 Lucy workout pants and I prefer my $20 C9 rollover pants from Target : )
    I wish they still made them, I have had my pair for about 5 years!
    BTW Jamie: I love your Athleta top, I wish they had it in my size, all that is left online is XXS !

  • i have the tinker tank too, but i found it to be so itchy at the seams (common problem in the reviews too). i have to wear another sports bra underneath to keep the itchy seams from touching me. have you had the same problem?
    Terri @findingdrishti recently posted..A case for wearing shortsMy Profile
    Twitter: findingdrishti

    • Jamie says:

      I honestly haven’t noticed. It may be because I don’t ever wear it for long — and I’m usually working out so I’m uncomfortable anyway — or it may be because I’m super small chested?
      Jamie recently posted..TidbitsMy Profile

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