Sick of the Sick

So far in January, between Lucy, Zach, my husband & I, we’ve had bad colds {negative for flu & RSV} along with pink eye, then RSV for both babies & double ear infections for Lucy while my husband had the flu & then a {thankfully only} 24 hour stomach bug.

Out of the 21 working days in January, I’ve worked 12 full days. Twelve y’all. That’s almost less than half.

The rest have either been spent home sick myself {I caught the babies’ bad colds the first week of January} or taking care of sick babies & running them back & forth to the pediatrician’s office. We narrowly avoided hospital visits with both Zach’s wheezing with RSV & last week, he peed & kept breast milk down just 30 minutes before our pediatrician’s office had told me I’d have to take him to the children’s hospital for dehydration.

We’ve had scary stuff & I’m over it. I’m over the stress, the whining, the pitiful coughs, the clinginess, the not sleeping, the extra laundry, & the bed sharing. I’m ready to get back to happy smiling babies who want to cuddle & yet also can play independently.

Twice in the month of January I’ve had “I’m why your kid is sick” moments. Law Momma is not alone. I took both Zach & Lucy to daycare with coughs & runny noses the Monday & Tuesday before I realized Zach had RSV even when he had a 100.9 degree temperature that Monday night. It was less than what daycare doesn’t allow & he seemed okay that Tuesday morning. Of course, I felt awful when I realized what it was he had & then again later that afternoon when I picked up Lucy & realized she sounded just as bad if not worse {but still without a fever}. Turns out 5 babies in their class had RSV. We were the first ones diagnosed. Do I believe we started it? No, but I guess I don’t really know.

My other moment that brought to mind Law Momma’s post was when I was happily working away last Thursday, being productive at my desk, & boom daycare pops up on caller ID. I was worried about Zach, who was throwing up for the first time in his life. But I was also worried about myself as an employee.

I’ve always been very current on the state of my work. I deal with a lot of paperwork that passes through my desk each day. I have 7 days technically to get it on & off my desk. As of last Thursday, my work was dated right at 7 days old. When I got back to my desk this Monday, {I’d caught Zach’s bug over the weekend but didn’t have any sick time left to take a day for me to recover}, my work was 10+ days old. Hello, I’m scrambling this week to get caught up!

Right now, I’m keeping my fingers & toes crossed that the other 8 babies in my kiddos’ class stay well, so mine stay well. I’m enjoying the sleeping through the nights in their own cribs that this week of healthy babies has allowed us. And my coworkers & boss have enjoyed my presence this week too.

Are their tips you have to keep your little ones healthy?


  • Tracy says:

    I don’t have any tips on keeping the babies healthy, but I’ll say this, and you’ll probably here this over and over…the first 18 months when Abby was in daycare, were rough. She got RSV, making every cold after that hard. Lots of stomach bugs. But as she got older, it’s gotten easier. A cold doesn’t phase her. She doesn’t get them as often because she doesn’t stick everything in her mouth. I’m not having to take off as many sick days as I did when I first went back to work. I was a daycare/preschool kid and by the time I got into kindergarten, I hardly got sick. I know it sucks now to hear this, but really, their immune systems will be built up the older they get. It’s rough. No doubt. And I know someone saying this to me when Abby was sick a bunch did not quell my feelings at the time, but now it’s my turn with the older kid to let you know that it does get better.

    I hope those babies are on the mend right now and you can get some solace.
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  • Laura Case says:

    So let me just state for the record: my boys were ALWAYS sick with something from Sept-April during the first two years of day care. Most of it was colds but then they caught every other virus known to man- RSV, hand foot mouth, puking virus (one every spring and fall). random fever viruses, diarrhea from antibiotics, ear infections from colds, etc. We AVERAGED $200/month in co-pays the first two years.

    And I really hate to tell you, it was worse the second year because you have two toddlers walking around, touching everything, putting their hands in their mouths. Don’t get me started on how little sleep we got from these illnesses!

    Honestly, every month, Jon and I would have the “should we get a nanny?” talk and then they would get better. Then they would get sick again and we’d have the talk again. For us, we decided to power through. It sucked at the time but we had some strong reasons to keep them in:

    – we wanted twins to have socialization with other children
    – we both work from home so working with two kids underfoot was not optimal
    – we were paying into the illness bank. We have reaped the rewards. They have had EVERY major virus so I don’t worry when things go around their classroom. They rarely get colds. They are like cockroaches now.

    People always think I’m joking when I say I didn’t sleep for two years but I really didn’t. It sucked. It truly sucked. It meant late nights doing work, it meant being up with feverish puking kids, it meant using all our vacation time caring for sick kids. I’d do it the same all over again.

    I wrote a semi-joking post about how to avoid illnesses from your kids. The one I’m 100% serious about is if anyone pukes and I get it on me, I clean myself up first.
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    • Suz says:

      I love your comments. They always seem to be spot on. You’re reasons 1 & 3 for keeping them in daycare are exactly ours. Plus the whole we can’t afford a nanny & I don’t want to/can’t afford to be a SAHM.

      Thankfully mine seem to still somewhat sleep while sick. It’s held by us on the couch or cuddled next to us in bed but we do whatever we have to to get sleep. I function even less well exhausted.

      Can’t wait to read that post!
      Suz recently posted..Loss. One Year Later.My Profile
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  • Erin says:

    We’re in the same exact boat over here – January has been HORRIBLE and I don’t think either of us has worked a full week since the new year. Having two kids just doubles it now, since one gets sick then the other one does! Plus hubby was sick for five full days, and I’ve been fighting it all with everything I’ve got. But I am SO sick of the sickness. It’s horrible to feel like a bad mom and a bad employee at the same time – can’t win when the kids are sick!

    • Suz says:

      Fight it with all you have. Take vitamins, drink a ton of water & sleep when you can. I’ve been determined to stay well & other than the one bout of cold & 24 hours of vomit hell, I’ve been okay.

      Ditto that can’t win when kids are sick!

      Come on spring!!
      Suz recently posted..Loss. One Year Later.My Profile
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  • Mary Beth says:

    sickness was the name of the game for our kids’ first 2 years of life. this too shall pass. just kiss your sick leave bye bye the moment it hits your pay stub.
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    • Suz says:

      Sick leave has been kissed. I’m currently in the negative there so it’s really been kissed for next month too. :-/
      Twitter: suzstreats

  • cayley says:

    We call it ‘preschool sick season,’ and this is our third season. We, also, (well, mostly me) seriously considered the nanny route, the quiting my job route- and then made it through to see April in one piece. We’ve gone from eyes-crusted-over-with-snot-every-15-minutes (did you even know that could happen?!), ear infections whenever we bothered to check for them (hooray, daily double shots of antibiotics in the thighs!), and pneumonia to a sometimes sorta runny nose. Other kids in her class are dropping like flies with flu, so it’s not like she’s not exposed. We just all have better immune systems now.

    I used all my vacation for two years and stayed up working or worrying about if she was actually REALLY sick and we just weren’t noticing, but now we’re all fine, and we may even get to take a vacation this year! I’ll be one more voice saying ‘It gets better, hang in there.’

    Also, cathartic, uncontrollably sobbing triggered by reading about kids with awful illnesses (it was easier for me to let myself cry for them than to feel sorry for myself, b/c it didn’t seem fair to cry over ear infections) and hiring an occasional babysitter for those days she was acting fine but I knew I shouldn’t send her to school helped me through it.

    • Suz says:

      Cayley, you’re right & my husband & I have discussed that in the grand scheme of things, we are incredibly lucky. Our kids might have sicknesses that have annoyed us & them, but they are home & healthy & thriving. It could be so much worse.

      Enjoy that vacation this year! I’m looking forward to being able to accrue time again at some point!
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      • cayley says:

        What I was trying to say was that you have every right and reason to be sad and scared and frustrated, and that feeling those emotions was helpful for me to get through the sick season. I just felt guilty feeling those emotions for myself, and only managed to find an outlet by feeling them sympathetically for other parents in worse positions. I absolutely wasn’t trying to say don’t feel bad b/c others have it worse- actually I was trying to say opposite!

  • They get healthier and sick less often IF they stay in the same daycare/preschool/etc. Our kid was very sick in year 2 (year one wasn’t as bad with a smaller, no older siblings at school, daycare) and better year 3, but this year with the new daycare/preschool where several kids have siblings in school, so much sickness. Ugh. I’m hopeful that she’ll have had many of the school colds before she starts next fall. In the meantime, life happens and we cope. My spouse was absurdly sick as a small person and is rarely sick now (frequently IS Typhoid Mary though) so it’s worth it to build the immune systems!
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