Working With Style {Lessons Learned Edition}

This Working With Style post was a real challenge for me!  I decided to just take a picture of myself before work each day for a week.  I only really ‘prepared’ an outfit for Working With Style 1 out of the 5 days…. with my new brown sweater dress!  The rest, well, it’s just me being me!


Where did stuff come from? Black boots, black sweater – Kohl’s; Brown boots, black 3/4 sleeve shirt, fuscia sweater – JC Penney; Black knit skirt – Harold’s;Brown sweater dress – Dressbarn;Grey skirt – Costco;Everything else – can’t remember!

I learned a few things prepping for this post and looking at my pictures.

  1. It is H A R D to take a picture of myself full-length in my house or anywhere I go daily.  This setup seemed to work – propping my camera on self-timer mode on our dishes hutch.
  2. I cannot take a self-timed picture and have it NOT be the absolute coolest thing going on in the kids’ lives at that moment.  They will get it on the action.
  3. I clearly love to put my hands on  my hips during a self-portrait.
  4. I look better once my hair has dried, crazy though it may be.
  5. I like me some v-necks and boots.
  6. Pink, black/gray and brown…. oh my!
  7. Where the heck are my accessories??
  8. My knees aren’t as bad as I thought they were in exposed-to-the-world mode!

Ultimately, I learned I’d benefit from varying my color palate, showing my knees some more, and thinking more about my neckline, footwear and accessory choices.

What do you think you’d learn in a 5-day not-trying-to-be-stylish self portrait exercise?

Now it’s your turn to link up. We can’t wait to check out how you are Working With Style.


  • Jo says:

    I always want to wear more skirts and dresses, but it is always so cold in my office (any time of the year). Your pictures have inspired me to get more leggings so I can make this happen more often (and still be warm).

    I recently logged a week of my work clothes. In some ways I realized I am ok with what I have and in many ways I’d like to try something completely different. I also realized I don’t accessorize much either.
    Jo recently posted..Fashion helpMy Profile
    Twitter: JolizieD

  • Tracy says:

    I’d probably figure out that I really need to go buy some new clothes. It’s tough being in between sizes especially as I’m not done losing weight. Plus, I totally need more color in my wardrobe.
    Twitter: wa_tracy

  • Mary Beth says:

    It is so funny that the two linkys also did a 5-week selfportrait exercise. What are the chances?
    Mary Beth recently posted..In Defense of Government WorkersMy Profile
    Twitter: bloombing

  • Christine says:

    Half of my pre-baby wardrobe was dresses of some sort, I especially love a good sweater dress in the winter! But that’s all collecting dust in my closet now because I’m feeling quite restricted to “pump friendly” outfits….

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