Working Mom Resolutions 2013

Working Mom Resolutions 2012This year has brought many changes and new challenges for the whole LWM crew. There are new babies, angel babies, new jobs, trying to stay fit, and all the transitions and balance that goes along with managing all that is in our heads and our lives. But what I’m most proud of is how much the LWM crew has grown this year. We are 9 women strong, with 15 kiddos, including two sets of twins, and one new baby on the way! I love it when we can all get together virtually to share with you a common strand. And Working Mom Resolutions is the best place to do it. As I think about my own resolutions, I glance at all the ladies’ resolutions and realize how there is a common thread between us all.

Hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into our Working Mom Resolutions. And when you get to the bottom, you’ll have a chance to link up your resolutions too! The linky will be up for a week so there’s plenty of time to get thinking about what you’d like to work on this year.

photo 1(5) 1. Work through stress better. I think I’ve got a case of Seasonal Affective Disorder and I need to manage it better.
2. Find time to train for and run a half marathon.
3. Resist the treats at work. Only eat the foods I pack for snacks.
4. Keep my phone at bay during work hours. I tend to get distracted.
5. Devote more of my weekend time to fun activities with my family instead of stressing about getting all the things done.
rice043-web 1. Snack smarter.
2. Eat more breakfasts at home instead of at my desk.
3. Carve out time for exercise/being active during my workday.
4. Use some vacation days for something fun this year!
New hair for returning to work. 1. Make more large dinner options on Sundays.
2. Highly consider a cleaning service.
3. Figure out more 30 minute workouts to do at lunch.
4. Start running again.
5. Clean out my closet and get some new versatile pieces.
curls 1. To use my time online wisely with work
2. To be more organized with scheduling
3. To only take on extra projects I have time for and can do my best in.
4. To budget for taxes and monthly income better.
Mommy and Will _3 1. Read one book each month for pleasure. It does my brain and heart good to focus on some great fiction writing, and most of the time, I can do it while I work out!
2. Continue my exercise routine and eat right so I feel good, maintain my weight, and tone up!
3. Take a family vacation. Our plans right now include my son’s first Disney trip and a cruise for my mother’s 60th birthday!
4. Spend less time social networking and more quality time with my son.
5. STOP CURSING. For real this year. Before the little one starts repeating things.
ebp_browns_11.2012_02 1. Get to work on time. Even though I try to be super organized the night before, timeliness has never been my strong suit.
2. Put on makeup before work. I feel better about myself when I’m at least wearing mascara & tinted moisturizer.
3. Shop less. I’ve cut way back on in-store shopping since being a working mom. But it’s the ease of online shopping that’s been getting me.
4. Work out as a family. Now that we have a double jogging stroller {thanks Cici & Pops!}, I’m hoping we spend some weekend mornings walking on greenways.
mary beth bio 1.  Exercise for 30 minutes at least 3 times per week.  Hoping it will result in weight loss.
2.  Add 5 new veggie main dishes to our repertoire…. starting with finding a good go-to veggie burger recipe.
3.  Limit Facebook/social media checking to 1/day.
4.  Don’t cut my hair.  This sounds easier than it will be.  All the bad hair days will pay off with long hair that will make me look like I’m in high school again.
5.  Find ways to love everybody more, starting with my husband.  Refresh date night.  Call my parents more than 1/week.
 20120915_Weitl_55_MEDIUMresolution 1. Health.  I’d like to lose 20 pounds this year and eat cleaner and less sugar.
2. Exercise.  I’m still striving to run an entire 5K without stopping.  Also workout 5 times per week.
3. Balance.  With starting a full-time position I will need to focus to keep my priorities in balance.
4. Build relationships.  No matter how busy life gets I need to be sure to prioritize my relationships.  My roles as a wife, mother, and friend should always come first.
5. Write.  I want to write every day — a blog post, 500 words of an essay,  500 words towards my book idea.  Even a letter to a friend.  Something.  Everyday.
 Karen 1. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week.
2. Have the dishes done before bed every night.
3. Do one nice thing for myself and just for me every month.
4. Hire a sitter at least once a month for 2 hours.

Now it’s your turn! We can’t wait to check out what your Working Mom Resolutions are. Link up below!


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