Slowing it Down {Holiday Break Edition}

DSC04895So, on December 21, my students finished their exams, ate popcorn, watched clips of the Romeo and Juliet video (with Leonardo, of course) and bid farewell for two weeks! I took home a huge green bin full of about 65 essays to grade, but I haven’t touched them. Because now I’m not a working mom. This is MY time off!

Saturday and Sunday, I grocery shopped, I played with a baby, I wrapped, I cooked, I cleaned the entire house—oh so much never gets cleaned when I’m working—and I got in some last minute exercise.

Monday night, we spent at my mother-in-law’s and the entire Puerto Rico side of the family playing games, listening to music, and eating food. Then Tuesday, Christmas Day, we had breakfast at my sister-in-law’s and dinner at my house. Phew. Exhausting, but fun!

The food was good. The family time was better. My son had a blast playing with his new toys. This morning, the day after Christmas, I woke up at 9 and sat on the couch with my little man, drinking milk and hanging out. And as I said before, I have NOT touched that green bin of grading.

So, if you’re a teacher mom like me and have the next few days off, or if you’re any other kind of working mom with time off around the holidays, do me and your kids a favor: don’t touch that green bin of grading. Or whatever it may be. Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!

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