Working With Style {A Size Smaller Edition}

I am admittedly not very stylish. And now, because I began a lifestyle change that includes a rigorous workout regime 5 months ago and have lost 18 lbs, wardrobe is an issue. A good issue, but an issue nonetheless. Because it’s close to the holidays and I don’t want to spend too much money on myself, I decided against the shopping spree I promised myself once I hit my goal weight. Instead, my husband and I agreed that I would go and get a couple outfits for work that I could alternate. Then, if need be, I’ll do some more shopping after the holidays.

I adore New York and Company, so after I lost about 15 lbs, I went there first with a coupon for $50 off $100 and some other discount I can’t remember right now. I bought three tops, including the one below—ALL SIZE SMALL—and a pair of dress pants for great prices!

 WWS Outfit!

Blue turtleneck: New York and Company/White cami: Charlotte Russe/Gray pants: New York and Co/Peep-toe slip-on shoes: American Eagle

But that outfit? Not what I’m happiest about!

I’m a jeans girl. Thankfully, my administrator is awesome and allows us to wear jeans at work since we raised our school grade from an F to an A. For the longest time, I wore a size 6 in stretchy jeans, but they were always tight around the waist so I didn’t wear them often because I refused to go up a size. This past weekend, I decided to try on jeans at American Eagle to celebrate my weight loss. Lo and behold, I’m a size smaller! For the first time since I was 18 years old, I fit perfectly in a size 4! Party up in here! So, one day this work week, I had to go casual and sport mah new one-size-smaller jeans.

 WWS pic

Top: Ross/Blue cami: Charlotte Russe/SIZE 4 Artist Jeans: American Eagle/Eiffel Towel Necklace: Forever 21

Oh, and I snapped a shot of these cute boots from Macy’s!


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Working With Style


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