Filtering Out the Noise – a Sanity Preservation Strategy

Reflecting back on this year, it’s been a noisy one in the Land of the Working Mom. Let’s start with two words: presidential campaign. Need I say more? But no, it didn’t stop there. Public and societal hubbub abound. That huge article came out about why women still can’t have it all. Then lots of people reacted to that. Then the CEO of Yahoo took a really short maternity leave. Then lots of people reacted to that… and are still reacting to that. I could go on…. but I digress.

It. Was. Noisy. And you know what? I don’t need that in my life. My life is noisy enough. To give y’all the skinny on how noisy our life has been this year, I’ll summarize the orchestra that is our life for you.

Take a deep breath and to get the full effect, read it as fast as you can. Are you ready?

Ice Storm. Family drama. Dog died. Kids cried. A lot. So did I. Son turned 2. Daughter turned 4. Parties and more parties. Ballet and tap practice. Visits to friends and grandparents. In the car. For hours with the kids. NOISE! Busy job. Lots of meetings, planning, brain usage, site visits. Daycare issues. Potty accidents. Time out. Swim lessons with two kids by myself. Laughing, dancing, having fun. Turned 35. Two trips to the beach. Laundry. Dishes. Old car died. Bought new car. Sold old car. Write articles for blogs. Be opinionated and go viral on CNN. Quit old job. Fret over decision. Start new job. Reconnect with old friends. Make new friends. Don’t ruin it. Holiday planning. Make lists. Check off lists. Lose things. Find things. Be in charge. Pay bills. Spat with spouse. Make up. Do it again. Meet all needs of kids. Love everybody. All the time. [And so forth and so on adnosium ad litum infinitum…..]

Are you tired yet? Are you worn out? Yes. So I am. But that’s life and it’s *my* noise and I embrace my noise. I love my noise. I live and die by my noise. But…. I don’t need any extra noise! So I’ve tried to be purposeful about cutting out the noise. I’m not quite sure what that means so far, but here’s how I’ve started.

First, I very rarely touch my smartphone when I’m at home and never just for fun or distraction. Second, I removed all the political type things from my Facebook feed and email box, plus I check Facebook far less often. This was a HUGE relief, almost immediately, because I’m very prone to an anger/frustration/upset/response reaction to issues that are very meaningful to me. They’re still near&dear but frankly, I have enough to do without allowing those things to ‘assign’ to me the additional ‘task’ of thinking and responding. Finally, I am trying to be braver to resolve drama in the moment so it doesn’t linger.

Filtering out the extra noise so I can focus on the noise I want and love helps me to center myself and find peace.

How about you? Do you have unnecessary noise? How do you filter it out?


  • Beth says:

    I feel the same way. I’ve been doing the same kind of things. I’ve quit twitter and instagram. I’ve cut back the number of blogs I try to read, I’m trying to pay less attention to facebook, and it’s a relief so far! I don’t feel like I have to keep up with everything anymore, and it’s nice. I’m glad I’m not the only one.
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  • Erin says:

    I had to do the same thing; literally filter my FB friends who were political ranters (and thought they were never wrong), and I had to cut down reading the news or else it would take me twice the amount of time to fall asleep. I’m so glad the election noise is over. Now to tackle with getting through the last few weeks of the obnoxious “threes” with my son when he hits that certain pitch in his whining that is so painful to the ears….

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