Apps for the Working Mom {Pumping Entertainment Edition}

At my last job/last time I was a pumping-working mom, I had my own office. I also didn’t have a smart phone. This meant that every 3 hours or so, all I had to do was shut my office door and I could pump while continuing to work.

This time around? I don’t have my own office. So that means I’m pumping in our office supply closet official lactation room supply closet. Since I’m not at my desk during those times, I obviously can’t work. In the last month, I’ve learned to enjoy my quiet, alone time. With smart phone in hand, of course. Because really, if I were just going to sit there and pump every three-ish hours, I’d go bored out of my mind. So I’ve developed a bit of a routine/app rotation. During the course of any given pumping session, you can find me on any of the following apps…

  1. Instagram- I mean duh. Obvious things are obvious, right? Who doesn’t love Instagram these days? I love catching up on what all my family and internet friends are eating/wearing/doing throughout the day by way of pictures. And saving it only for when I’m pumping means there’s lots to look at and keep me entertained! It’s also a great time for me to go through some of the photos I’ve snapped on my phone and share them without a needy 4 month old or whiney 4 year old in the background.
  2. Twitter- My old standby. The great thing about Twitter is there is never a dull moment. Someone is always on. 
  3. Facebook- I’ve gotta get updated of family drama somehow, right!? 
  4. Talking Gina- Yes, I totally downloaded this app for my 4 year old but don’t judge! Playing Patty Cake with this stupid giraffe totally takes me back to my elementary/middle school days where my girlfriends & I would see how fast we could get going doing “Miss Mary Mac”. Plus, Gina the Giraffe will become unhappy if you don’t play with her on a regular basis. {that totally sounded kind of dirty, didn’t it?}
  5. Boggle- This is a tricky one…it can either  leave me feeling ridiculously smart or ridiculously dumb. Either way, each game is only 3 minutes long so it’s a great “time filler” when I’ve already looked through Instagram but still have a few more minutes left of pumping.
  6. Target- We don’t get the newspaper at home {seriously, besides my parents & in-laws, does anyone?}. No newspaper means no Sunday ads. I love Target, but I also love me some good deals, so a lot of times, I’ll sit and peruse the weekly ad via my Target app.
  7. WordPress- Even though I admittedly hate writing blog posts on my phone, it is quite convenient. And even if I don’t completely write a post from start to finish, I can at least get a new post started, get some notes down and maybe upload a pic or two from my phone. 
  8. Solitaire- Pretty mindless. But to be honest, probably my last choice.
  9. Sudoku- This one gets my brain working and I can always get one, sometimes two games in during a pumping session.
  10. My Fitness Pal- Ok, so I’m, really off and on about using this app, but, the time I’m pumping is the perfect time for me to input all of my daily intake.
Other apps I think would be great but don’t have on my phone are Pinterest and maybe a meal planning app.
What are some of your favorite apps I can add to my rotation?


  • Jamie says:

    Definitely Pinterest. I find so many neat ideas on there and love the phone app. I’m also having fun with Timehop.

    You should add me as a friend on MyFitnessPal and Instagram. I’m JWeitl5 :)
    Jamie recently posted..How is my little boy 5?My Profile

  • Mary Beth says:

    I’m a nerd, so CNN, Weather Channel, NPR. I really need to beef up my use of apps!
    Mary Beth recently posted..Obama Rally in Richmond Virginia – a Photolog {10.25.2012}My Profile
    Twitter: bloombing

  • I am looking forward to pumping with PepperPlate for grocery list/meal planning (but not recipe browsing) and KeyIngredient Recipe Grazer for recipe hunting. Pepper Plate has a website that I use to add recipes (I just click the link that says “add to pepperplate” and it adds seamlessly from most food websites) and then I plot the recipes onto my calendar and generate a shopping list from it. Recipe Grazer also has a website (but I haven’t used it) and most recipes feature lovely photos of foods as well. For fun, I like to play Lego Harry Potter.
    Ms. Future PharmD recently posted..Our infertile yearsMy Profile
    Twitter: MomPharmD

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