Working With Style {Teal-icious!}

Here’s how I choose what to wear to work:

  1. Do I like it?  {This is the first sacrifice if the rest are ‘yes’… ugh.}
  2. Is it professional?  {Read:  no jeans except on casual Fridays woot woot!}
  3. Does it match?
  4. Does it still fit me?  {You know how those pre-baby clothes go…}
  5. Are you sure it matches?
  6. Is it clean [enough]?  {At least at the time I put it on.  I still walk out the door most days with eau de toddler…  TMI?}

According to my hubs, I need help with #3.  He’s right.  The other day I actually wore army-green pants, a turquoise sweater and light brown flats.  To my *new job.*  Horrible!  Hubby aced matching in pre-K so he helps me out.  {I attribute the green/turquoise/tan day to his failings.}   However, I did get the, “You look really good today!” from him for today’s featured outfit, so I think it’s WWS worthy!















Shirt and Heart-snowflake necklace: New York & Co., circa 2011/ Skirt and Boots: JC Penney  (St. John’s Bay Worthington, circa date unkown)/ Turquoise square necklace: Uncertain origin, likely an arts+craft fair.

I love teal… or aquamarine… or turquoise. The distinction evades me. I think this top and necklace are more turquoise… but I couldn’t get ‘tealicious’ out of my head. Nothing was bought on purpose to wear together. That’s not how I roll. I buy random things and if they go together – great! If not, I likely fail on (C) above and chalk it up to being eclectic and unusual by nature!

What you can’t really see are my earrings… they’re little teal beads with golden brown beads. They were picked out by my son who is named for my hubs and apparently also inherited his matching skills. He insists on picking out my earrings every day, which for me makes every day a WWS day.

What about you? Do you have a favorite color you graviate towards? Do you buy piceces you dig, then figure out outfits later?

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Working With Style

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Mary Beth is married and works full-time in the public health arena. She has a daughter born in 2008 and a son born in 2010. She's only recently feeling settled as a sane(ish!) family with a nice(ish!) routine. She blogs at blooMBing and tweets as @blooMBing.


  1. Jo says:

    “Is it comfortable?” is my number one, but that alone would send me into the office wearing my pajamas or sweats so I guess I have to rely pretty heavily on “is it professional” too. Oh, and I am always freezing so it has to be warm enough too. It’s pretty common for me to wear a fleece over my work attire all day long, but at least I’m not like the co-worker has has brought her blanket into meetings. I do have my limits.

    I’ve always loved the color red, but last year I started wearing a lot of dark pink. Blue is something I don’t wear enough of – it brings out the color of my eyes so I should really stock up on that.
    Twitter: JolizieD

  2. Katherine says:

    Hahaha, I love the “are you sure it matches”. You crack me up. I have a serious love affair with teal…just look in my closet. It looks great on you!
    Katherine recently posted..Working with Style {short week}My Profile
    Twitter: lilmissrysmama


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