Pumping At Work {Part Two}

Last week I shared some of my pumping at work advice. Because it was becoming a novel with all the knowledge I’ve gleaned these past two months back to work, I thought I’d break it up & continue listing a few additional tips here today.

  • Arm your pump bag with breast milk storage bags. The bags take up less room & mean less bottle washing. {I like the Lansinoh ones the best.} Thanks to having a mini-fridge in my pumping room, I can store my pumped milk there throughout the day. I bring two six ounce bottles & keep a packet of milk storage bags in my pump bag. I pump into the bottles, then once I’m finished, I pour that session’s milk into one bag. I’ll have a 10a bag, a 1p bag & then I put the tops on & keep the 4p milk in the bottles. I carry it all home in the four bottle-sized cooler that came with the pump. According to everything I found from asking different LCs, the “official” word “they” say is that you’re not suppose to mix hot milk into cold, so no reusing bottles during sessions if you don’t fill them up. I tend to fill up bottles each session. This is also why the bags come in handy.
  • Wear nursing friendly clothing. My go-to is pants or a skirt, a work appropriate top with a Target nursing tank or nursing bra underneath. Nothings worse than sitting in an office chair in just your underoos because you wore a dress that had to be pulled up for pump access. Not that I’ve done that…
  • Keep spare breast pads in your pump bag. Leaking can occur & you’d hate to have spots on your clothes. Call me paranoid, but I keep spare pads in both my pump bag & in my purse. Luckily, so far, I haven’t experienced this first hand.
  • Keep a book or kindle in your pump bag to make the time go by quick. Others like having a photo of their baby to feel that connection still. Pumping can be boring & feel isolating. But savor the quiet alone time. Crazy enough, for me, it’s the calmest part of my day. 
  • Check out Brandy’s snack guide. I’ve never experienced hunger like I have while nursing {not even while I was pregnant with triplets}. I’ve learned lots of snacking is key to feeling good & keeping up your energy & supply. My current favorite for the morning is a banana & Kashi banana chocolate chip bar & for the afternoon it’s Wholy Guac & sweet potato chips.

Hope this helps! Make sure to check out Part One and let me know if there are any other tips to share with soon to be working mommas. Also, happy pumping!


  • Brandy says:

    Great tips, Suz! I have to laugh though. I have none of these problems. I can barely make 5 oz all day at work but I only pump in place of a feeding one and only have 1 baby. So no bags and extra bottles needed for me. I’m bad and mix the milk. never phased either boy. They seem healthy. I also don’t leak. Even after 8 hours over night. It is funny how we are all soooo different.
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    • Suz says:

      Yes, such difference in all pumping moms. I’m pumping out everyday enough for 6 4-5oz bottles {what they eat daily at daycare} plus some to freeze!
      I forget that my supply is so much bigger than normal until I see the amounts in the bottles of the other three mommas who are sharing my work’s pump room. Then I remember how good I’ve got it & that all my bags/bottles/leaking is worth it!
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  • Tracy says:

    I had such a struggle pumping at work, but I had supply issues from day one, so it’s probably part of the problem. I’m amazed at how much you can produce. I hope I get the chance for a next time. Between you and Brandy and all your tips, I hope to give it another whirl.
    Twitter: wa_tracy

  • I really do not know how this will work when I am back at work – one day a week in the office, unless I can get out of that. I work with ALL MEN, in a tiny office with no private spaces. The bathroom is shared by every company on the floor and has no outlets, anyway. The car? Tight parking lot… I think nursing may end up being my leverage to move from 4 days telecommuting to full time.
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