Makings of a Stellar Nursing/Pumping Room

nursing roomOne of my favorite things about my new working mom situation is onsite daycare. While the cost and convenience is obviously spectacular, my favorite part is the ability to go nurse Oliver. As a mom who struggles with the pump, I am so happy I can most days only need to make 1 bottle. My current pattern is to be dropped off a little before opening time and top him off before handing him over. Then when he wakes from his first nap and is hungry, they call me and I walk over and feed him “lunch.” Sometimes he wakes a little before quitting time and I can head over and give him a snack before the ride home. It is a dream come true.

One thing I have noticed in my short time doing this is the thought put into the nursing room. As I am spending a good bit of time in there, I am seeing how it is just a product of years of nursing mothers. It really makes it less of a “chore” and more of a privilege.

However, I know I have a spectacular, if not very unique, situation. I am not putting this out here to gloat but to give some ideas to employers and daycare centers out there. Maybe a company looking to even enhance their pumping area now mandated by the Affordable Care Act. No more pumping in bathrooms! Make your employees feel appreciated. I know I do.

  • Variety of seating – Couches, chairs, rocking chairs…it is nice to have a choice. Hell, I have even taken a nap in there. No shame.
  • Changing table – Some breastfed babies poop EVERY time they eat. Oliver seems to do this a good bit. I just bring a diaper with me each feeding.
  • Scale – For type A moms like me, it is nice to check your baby every once in awhile. It is also nice to see how much they eat. Note: weighing before and after is a more accurate reading of how much your baby is eating than bottle volume. Most babies take more in a bottle from the ease of sucking. Please see Kelly Mom for a great calculator on bottle sizes for breastfed babies.
  • Music – They have a boombox tuned to the local classical station. It really is super relaxing. It also helps that most of the times I am nursing, the classroom next door has ocean white noise :)
  • Food delivery – We have an onsite cafeteria that you can have send over sandwiches. I personally haven’t done this because of my gluten free diet but it is an awesome service.
  • Books and toys for older siblings – While I don’t use this, I can see if you are wanting to visit with your older baby as well, you need for them to have something while you nurse. I can also see reading after an older nurser is done eating for bonding.
  • Boppys – They have a stash of them that seem to be washed each night.
  • Nursing stools – This helps with getting a comfortable position on the couches and chairs.
  • Bathroom – It is right in the nursing room. No walking out. Other best thing? They put a bouncy seat in there so you have somewhere to put the little one!
  • A sink- Washing hands of course but would be great for rinsing out bottles and pumping parts.
Here are some other ideas for a well thought out pumping space:
  • The outlets are close by the seating…pretty logical but could easily be overlooked.
  • A fridge for milk storage.
  • A water cooler. You always need more water when you are pumping.
  • Dark blinds and shades.
  • Warmth. Nothing is worse than being cold and trying to pump. OUCH!
  • A computer or at least wifi. Pumping doesn’t render us incapable of doing anything else. I pump and keep write on coding. No one ever even knows.

What are some things you wish you had in a pumping space? Does your daycare center have a nursing room? Please share!


  • Shannon says:

    Wow, you really seem to have a dream situation and company! Such awesome tips that other places should take into consideration!
    Shannon recently posted..Unpaid Maternity Leave and Human RightsMy Profile

  • Katherine says:

    BWAHAHAHAH!!! I laugh because I pump in a supply closet of sorts. I stole a rolly chair from the conference room and at times, have stood to pump because it’s been stolen back and I’m too lazy to go get another one. When the weather started to turn colder, I realized there is no heat in the room. (I’ve since found a heater)

    BUT-I do have wi-fi. And it’s not a bathroom. So there’s that.
    Katherine recently posted..Hanging out at Jenni’s place today!My Profile
    Twitter: lilmissrysmama

  • Suz says:

    You seriously have the ideal situation.

    Only thing mine is missing though is wifi! I write posts in emails to myself if I’m not reading while pumping.
    Suz recently posted..Redefining UsMy Profile
    Twitter: suzstreats

  • Surf Momma says:

    You know I has a jealous! I shared my experience of pumping in front of my office mate a while back on my blog. I’m still unsure of the number of coworkers who caught a glimpse of the girls. I’m so thankful that there are provisions for moms
    Surf Momma recently posted..Vote…My Profile
    Twitter: SurfMommaBlog

  • Surf Momma says:

    You know I has a jealous! I shared my experience of pumping in front of my office mate a while back on my blog. I’m still unsure of the number of coworkers who caught a glimpse of the girls. I’m so thankful that there are provisions for moms who make the choice to pump now! I’m glad things have been a little different for some of the moms who have come along after me!
    Surf Momma recently posted..Vote…My Profile
    Twitter: SurfMommaBlog

  • Oh man. I’m so jealous. The last time around as a student mom, I pumped either in a study room in the school library (on the floor because the outlets were awkwardly far from bolted-down furniture), a study cube next to the labs (high walled little chunk of table with an outlet), or in my car (in the winter with no heat). The available pumping spaces on campus were too far away for me to have time to get there and back between classes. These swanky digs are something to look forward to if we get to child 3 once I graduate!
    Ms. Future PharmD recently posted..Midwinter paper season’s greeting exchange?My Profile
    Twitter: MomPharmD

  • Wow! I’ve never heard of anything like that!

    Compare to mt workplace… and, well, I’m hoping the mere mention of breast will be enough to let me go full time from home.
    Christa the BabbyMama recently posted..Sibling Jealousy Rears Its Ugly HeadMy Profile
    Twitter: mommeetmom

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