How Working From Home as a Blogger Happened

I am often asked how I started working from home as a writer, because many of us that blog have that goal in mind. The dream of doing what you love, from home, and being paid for it. I know every day how very blessed I am, and even though things can get crazy, I always keep that in mind. I have wonderful editors and co-workers, I love what I do, and it challenges me so often.

I have a lot of people who assume when we lost the boys this spring, then everything blew up and I got hired and was able to work from home.

But in fact, it happened before that. I was hired for Military Family almost out of nowhere in April, getting an email saying they were looking for new bloggers and was I interested?

Then an opening came up for Babble, and I applied. I pitched them about being pregnant with the twins and my blog in general, and was hired.

Then a month later, it all fell apart. My twins were born at 20 weeks, didn’t survive, I quit my writing gigs while laying in the hospital that week, and part of me had no idea if I’d ever want to write again.

When I came home, I took May to consider what I wanted to do. Each of those jobs I’d considered temporary – having 3 under 3 would leave me with little time to do much writing professionally. But suddenly I had a very independent 3 year old and my passion to write waiting. And so I decided that I would try to get back a small part of what the huge loss had taken away. I started to write again, throwing my whole self into it. I asked to go back to Babble and Military Family, then was hired on at Oreck, and kept writing with a few other places I loved, and of course at LMW. :)

Before this year, I’d started to apply for anything and everything online that offered writing gigs. Paid and unpaid. So when the time came to apply for say, Babble, I had things I could refer them to outside my blog.

I never had a goal or desire of writing for magazines or a book. Maybe one day, but for now I’m really happy with what I do. So I don’t pitch these outlets. I focus my attention on online media and sites. I ask around, when I see someone who writes for an amazing company, I ask them how they got the job. Sometimes having a recommendation from someone helps land a gig.

Many, many times I am turned down. I submit things that aren’t published. I pitch companies I never hear from. I’ve written for places that aren’t a great fit and I know it a few weeks in. All of these, hard as they are to go through, help me to hone and polish my next letter, pitch, and build up questions to ask before saying “Yes!”

I love being a mom. Bella is my priority. But one day she’ll grow up and have a life of her own, meaning I’d like one in the meantime. Being a mother isn’t the soul defining part that my creative side finds fulfillment in – writing is. I work really hard at being able to be at home, be a good mom, and do what I love. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not blown away by where writing and blogging has taken me so far. From actual places to people that have changed my life. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of.



  • This post is inspiring to me. I work from home as a writer, but I mostly do copywriting to pay the bills. I’d like to gain more regular writing gigs online. Just gotta get out and do it. I’ve been meaning to submit a post to LWM for a while….
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  • Kerry says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I love reading about people’s paths when it comes to pursuing a writing career. It’s a tough road, but I’d love to make that leap as well someday. Starting with writing on my own blog, and I write for my company, but I’d like to expand. Just need to find the time. ;/

    Good luck and keep pursuing your dream!
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  • Katie says:

    Being a full time teacher (which I love!) does not provide me with the time I wish I had to pursue a lot of the writing gigs I would like to try my hand at, but I do find myself hoping that if the teaching thing ever falls through and I find myself at home, I will be able to make writing help us with the bills since it’s my other passion (teaching being the first).

    It’s hard to be a writing teacher and NOT want to write all the time. I want to hone my craft and be an example to my students, but there is just not enough time in the day, unfortunately to do all that successfully and be a great mom and wife at home.

    I do love reading your words though, Diana. You make it all seem so effortless and easy. :) Very inspiring to us wanna-be’s out there :)
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  • molly says:

    Maybe someday this will be me. I highly doubt it. But I keep some hope that maybe just maybe someone will discover my writing would be good for their site.
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  • Diana,
    I read your blog above with interest, as I am TRYING to break into doing what you’re doing right now (and for however long before that!), and that is,
    You mentioned that you did anything, and everything, to get both unpaid and paid writing gigs:
    What is the BEST way to accomplish this?
    (For example, I have responded to a few writing/editing jobs listed on the free Craigslist, but I have never had anyone respond or reply when I posted for them, so not sure if they were all just scams or not).
    I also recently started writing book reviews on, as I read LOTS of books, and (think) I am pretty good @ writing, but not sure, as have never made a living from my writing/grammar/editing skills. I have a B.A. in English, and always thought I’d be a teacher or librarian, and ended up being in Sales in the Banking industry, and HATED it, but it paid the bills.
    Also, if there is ANYWAY you can direct me to how best to actually start and set up your own blog, and which domain server you’d recommend, etc., that’d be great; I also have NO IDEA HOW people put on images or pictures on their blogs, as I’ve read you can’t use others’ images or pictues, as they’re protected or copywrited(?), so where do people even get their blog images from in the first place? I know images add alot to peoples’ blogs, so they’re important.

    Finally, I have been told 2 contradictory different things about starting a blog:
    One said to NOT use the free blogging site, Blogger or, because you couldn’t use WordPress on them, and wouldn’t have your own domain server to permanently register your blog’s name.
    The other said to definitely use Blogger or, because they’re free and have unltd. band width(?), etc., so am really CONFUSED.
    PS: Are there any FREE sites or blogs out there you’d recommend with good advice on how to most easily and cheaply start your own writing blog and get paid by advertisers, such as Google Adsense, etc.
    THANK YOU, IN ADVANCE, for any advice/info you can give me.
    I really appreciate it, and enjoy reading your blog – I envy you!

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