My Favorite TV Working Moms {Part 1}

OK let’s have some fun!  Who are your favorite working moms???  Here are mine!  Of course I can’t do anything fun without a little social commentary so…. let’s see if we notice any themes or trends here.

The Duncan Family

Amy Duncan – Good Luck Charlie:  She’s got 5 kids ranging in ages newborn to 18 years.  She loves the spotlight and loves her family.  The show has episodes dealing with daycare issues, crazy schedules, and frequent run-ins with her boss.  Plus, it’s a show our whole family can watch together!  In the last episode I saw, she decided to quit her job as an ER nurse… but she rocked the working mom role since the show started 3 years ago.


Brenda from Little Bill

Brenda Glover –  Little Bill:  OK, she’s a cartoon.  So what?  I love Little Bill’s mom Brenda.  I rarely get to watch this show but when I do, I always think – gee, I want to see every episode of this show with my kids!  It has great lessons and I love her calmness.  She always seems to know how to handle situations with grace and wisdom… and she has 3 kids and works as an assistant bank manager.  I love the description of her character on the show’s website.  I want to be her.

Audrey Bingham on Rules of Engagement:  OK, so her baby hasn’t been born yet but she’s worked for a design magazine for a long time and is about to have a baby.  One of the shows story lines has been Audrey and Jeff’s struggles with infertility.  After exhausting all other options, they are having a baby with a surrogate.  The show’s smart writing made episodes like her baby shower heartbreaking and funny all at the same time, as her co-workers fawned over the surrogate and she felt left out.  I can’t wait to see her holding that baby – and how she proceeds in her career at the same time.


Claire Huxtable on The Cosby Show:  Let’s take this back to my growing-up days (as if they are over!  Sha!).  Everbody wanted Ms. Huxtable to be their mom.  She was cool.  She was an attorney.  She was calm and collected and could straighten you out with just a look.  She had 5 kids, tended a garden, cooked, knew how to sing and dance and have fun, and kept everybody in check with love and patience…. including Mr. Huxtable.  She’s certainly been an inspiration to many. (photo not available)

Reba - from Reba:  We were addicted to this show for a long time.  What a mom!  She personified grace under pressure as her teenage daughter got pregnant and married the goofy-but-lovable star of the football team.  She also remained on good terms with her ex-husband  and his wife!  To boot (pun intended), she worked to help support her family and eventually started her own business in the real estate biz.


OK.  Quiz time – did you catch the trends?  Except for Audrey, all moms here have at least 3 kids, are constantly surrounded by people needing them… and manage to cook, garden, solve problems with grace and dignity, and look great while doing it all with few or no complaints.  I guess anything more ‘normal’ wouldn’t make for good TV, though. Interestingly I saw an episode of Home Improvement yesterday where Jill – the mom – interviews for a job and, when she doesn’t get it and Tim almost burns the house down, she literally freaks out.  She was real and it hit close to home.  Maybe that’s why the story line of her looking for a job didn’t seem to last long. Shucks – there goes my hopes of having a show based on my life!   But am I reaching to say that TV may be setting the bar a littttttle too high?  Just sayin’.  All that said – I still love these moms and am so glad they’re representin’ on TV!


Who are your favorite TV working moms – and why? Be on the lookout for my followup list with more TV working mommas I dig!

Photo credits:  Acquired from TV show website free downloads.  Click on the picture to follow the link.


  • Brandy says:

    PAM BEASLEY FROM THE OFFICE! 2 kids. THey don’t focus on it as much anymore but with the first baby, it was great. She pumped in the office. They shopped for daycare. Great stuff! Also the real life Jenna Fischer is a new working mom that speaks out about it with fellow star working mom Angela Kinsley.

    I have actually wanted to write this post but didn’t have enough examples! Apparently I need to watch more TV…
    Brandy recently posted..Toddler Dinners: The UglyMy Profile
    Twitter: mannlymama

    • Mary Beth says:

      Love Pam!! I think this post shows the fact I checked out of TV for a while except Rules of Engagement. I haven’t seen the Office in years… the last I saw she was pregnant. I hear that newer shows like Parenthood (?) have more ‘real’ depictions of moms/parents…. but I just haven’t seen them.
      Twitter: bloombing

  • Shannon says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS POST IDEA! Genius!!! Aunt Becky from Full House always showed me a great balance between working and mom when I was just a kid :) Pam Beasley is also an amazing choice!
    Shannon recently posted..Unpaid Maternity Leave and Human RightsMy Profile

  • Katie says:

    My model has always been Claire Huxtable from the Cosby show. Ever since I was a kid she was who I hoped I would grow up to be like. She was beautiful, successful in the workplace, was a kind and loving but tough mom…and her husband adored her. I STILL watch the re-runs of that show and smile.
    Katie recently’s easy as ABCMy Profile
    Twitter: ksluiter

  • Mary Beth says:

    p.s. so my take on Jill in Home Improvement may be off…. on the wikipedia page it says she transitioned from housewife to going to school and being a career woman. i remember loving her feistiness and that she went head to head with tim on important issues! :)
    Twitter: bloombing

  • Kerry says:

    What a fun Tuesday post. I’m with you in that I’ve dropped off from watching TV. I love Claire Huxtable of the Cosby Show. More recently, I liked Lynette Scavo of Desperate Housewives. In some years she was the breadwinner and trying to balance it all with her husband – something many of us are trying to do these days. I also like Frankie Heck of The Middle. She admits she has flaws and picks her battles. They two had 3+ kids. I can relate to their demands, but love how they illustrate we can’t be perfect. There is no such thing as super mom.
    Kerry recently posted..Our Gratitude Tree – A New Tradition for NovemberMy Profile
    Twitter: breadwinningmom

  • Jessie says:

    I loved Miranda from Sex and the City. They showed her with the “mom guilt” of trying to make it home before her baby was in bed and telling her work that she needed a better work/home balance.
    Twitter: jessieyeager

  • Observacious says:

    Claire Huxtable, of course. Even though Dan Quayle would disapprove I loved Murphy Brown (although I was quite a fan before the character became a mother).

    I don’t watch much TV anymore, so the main working mom I see is Heidi Klum on Project Runway. You didn’t say they had to be ficitonal!
    Observacious recently posted..Video of Voting Machine Altering Votes. How to Report Voting Fraud.My Profile
    Twitter: observacious

  • KeAnne says:

    I tweeted you about my fave working mom: Roseanne. I felt like she depicted working mom reality, especially when you don’t work a glamorous or high-paying job. I am ashamed to admit I had no idea about the surrogacy plot line on Rules of Engagement. Actually, I don’t even know what that show is about, but I’m intrigued to check it out to see how well they are handling surrogacy.
    KeAnne recently posted..Flipping Off MondayMy Profile
    Twitter: KeAnne

    • Mary Beth says:

      KeAnne – Stay tuned for Round 2! I got your tweet about Roseanne and she’s on my list too! Rules of Engagement is the only show that my hubs and I watch together on a regular basis. It follows a single guy, an engaged couple and a married couple who are all friends. We both find it pretty funny – now THAT’S an accomplishment! I think it’s really been overlooked…. but well worth a look-see!
      Mary Beth recently posted..Obama Rally in Richmond Virginia – a Photolog {10.25.2012}My Profile
      Twitter: bloombing

    • Yes to Roseanne! She’s mine too, and similarly I liked Grace from the TV show Grace Under Fire. She was a single mom of 3 after a nasty divorce. She’s another spunky woman making her own way in the world and doing a realistically imperfect-but-good job at a variety of things including parenting and her various jobs.
      Ms. Future PharmD recently posted..She could have died: a birth storyMy Profile
      Twitter: MomPharmD

  • Shannon says:

    I FORGOT! I love Christina Applegate’s character in Up All Night :)

  • Cara says:

    She isn’t a working Mum but Annie from 7th Heaven, she did do some study and some working away from the home during their 11 season run!
    I soo miss that show . . .I loved the way they tackled certain things on there.
    Cara recently posted..After EasterMy Profile

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