Working With Style {Halloween Edition}

I’m so happy to be bringing Working With Style back to LWM! And what a perfect way to start it off with some Halloween fun. I have to admit, that I had grand plans this Halloween to dress up at school since they always use this week as Spirit Week and incorporate costumes into the festivities. But as I was trying to pull a fun costume together at the last minute, my kid got a stomach bug and my attention shifted to her. I had already purchased a new orange shirt that I planned to wear if I couldn’t pull off the costume, so not all was lost.

For the record, via chatting with the LWM crew, I had settled on a costume where I’d dress like one of my students. And I kinda still did that since I do have skinny jeans in heavy rotation for teaching outfits. And now that I have this costume idea in my head, I for sure know I can pull it off next year. That should be enough lead time, right?

Anywho, here is my outfit for this week. Sorry it’s such a crappy photo but my camera is my phone and the lighting in my house is no good and it’s kinda blurry. Sigh.

Shirt: Target , Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Merrell, Scarf: Piperlime

I’m not the only one who got into the Halloween spirit this year, though. Mary Beth wore some orange to work, but then changed into a costume at home for trick-or-treating with her kiddos.

 And finally, Brandy went with a super easy costume as she’s a nursing momma and needed some ease involved when she visits Ollie for nursing sessions. So here she is, in her costume that she’s titled, “I’m a Woman. Just need a binder.”

Get it?

And for some extra non-Halloween related fun, I lost a bet with my homeroom. One that I wanted to lose. We’ve been competing to raise money for a fundraiser. Our classroom goal was $500. I told my kiddos that for every $100 raised, I’d wear a tutu all day. Alas, my kids raised a little over $300, so Friday was day 1 of tutu wearing. What do you think? Kids can totally take me seriously dressed like this, right?

The tutu is doing nothing for my figure. Sigh. Whatever I can do to get the kids motivated, I’ll do. Well, almost anything, that is.

So what about you? What did you wear to celebrate Halloween? I can’t wait to see you link up and show off your Working With Style outfits! Click below to link up.

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  • Melissa says:

    I didn’t snap a Halloween picture but i dawned my happy Halloween t-shirt with and orange undershirt. :) I don’t have a blog to link up with but I’m playing along with Katherine’s 30 days with no repeats on instagram and twitter using the #workingwithstyle and #officefashionshow hashtags! I love seeing what everyone is wearing and challenging myself to mix up my outfits. My style (that i claim to have) is what makes ME, not the mom, the worker, the wife, but ME!
    Twitter: melissamott

  • Mary Beth says:

    Fun :). It’s hard to be stylish on halloween. Black and orange don’t exactly scream ‘pair me with some accessories and walk me down the runway”!
    Mary Beth recently posted..Obama Rally in Richmond Virginia – a Photolog {10.25.2012}My Profile
    Twitter: bloombing

  • KeAnne says:

    Ack! I didn’t get a picture of it, but I was festive in orange and black. Unfortunately my Halloween socks are in storage, so I wore black socks with cats on them.
    KeAnne recently posted..Flipping Off MondayMy Profile
    Twitter: KeAnne

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