To the LWM Community

In light of this post published earlier this week, and the concerns that have come about via the comments that have come in, I wanted to address your concerns.

First and foremost, we are a very inclusive community. We appreciate and honor viewpoints from every angle. My goal for the LWM community is that we don’t all have to agree, but we can be respectful and constructive when addressing each other. These are the same values I teach my students, and what I will teach my daughter as she grows.

That being said, each contributor post represents the views and thoughts of that contributor. Everyone who regularly contributes is free to post their viewpoints on any issue. Those opinions belong to them. We are each individuals as working moms and I want to provide a space for the contributors to share their thoughts on all types of issues, whether they are political or personal, or both. LWM claims no political affiliations, though each contributor has a right to share theirs.

In addition, we love to hear your voices and viewpoints and encourage you to submit your own guest posts. Not all submissions are published based on the criteria of writing, which may include style, spelling, grammar, and focus. In addition, if I feel a guest post submission does not comply with a respectful and constructive tone, I will not publish it.

At anytime if you have questions or concerns, you can email me at liberatingworkingmoms at gmail dot com.

Now, I’d like to know your thoughts on this this issue that has come to light. Can we all agree with what Ellen in saying here? Because I surely can, and dually appreciate a laugh at the end of a long work day.


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