Smart Snacking for the Working Mom

Smart Snacking for the Working MomOne thing I am finding being back at work is the need for snacking. With my nursing calorie count (I swear this is like the only bone we get thrown), I am needing to eat pretty often. This can be a good and bad thing. More food = awesome but you need to calibrate it right. While eating 4 Reese’s cups SEEMS like a good idea, it probably will suck later.

To add to the crazy, I have some dietary restrictions to try and help Ollie’s tummy. This combo of needing to make sure I eat enough to produce enough milk AND make sure the milk doesn’t upset him isn’t an easy equation. Knowing I needed help, I turned to a nutritionist.  Luckily, my work/life and healthcare at work provide such a service ::ducks from daggars:: I know very few would have this luxury  SOOOOO I thought I would share some good info on snacking I learned. A few helpful facts to help you get the most out of your snacks so you will feel energized and not fall asleep by 3.


Aim for 100-150. Nursing mom? You get more! Luckily this might seem pretty reasonable with the arrival of 100 calorie packs of things. This amount will keep you full but not cut into your meal count.


Strategic snacking is just that…a strategy. Pairing items to keep your glucose and energy levels normal. We all know sugar crash…I mean we have kids…so we need to balance our snacking to avoid it. How my nutritionist defined them was you always need an anchor and a fuel. Anchors being proteins and healthy fats and fuel being carbs and sugars.

Examples of Anchors

Hard boiled egg
Peanut butter
Greek yogurt
Protein bars

Examples of Fuel

Fruit (dried or fresh)
Granola bars
Baked Potato (go sweet potato for extra fun)

Now you start pairing.

Dip your carrots in hummus
English muffin with peanut butter
Trail mix
Baby bell cheese with crackers and an apple
Greek yogurt with fruit
Sweet potato chips with guacamole (this is my new favorite at work)
A banana and almonds

You get the picture. Get creative and don’t have the same thing all the time. Your body likes variety.

Serving Size

I think this is the kicker for most. Knowing a serving size is VERY important. I can’t count how many times I have walked into the breakroom and seen someone with a GIANT glob of peanut butter on a plate with crackers. Note: While I could list out serving sizes here, I think it would be pointless. I think seeing them helps. Check out this tool on WebMD to see serving sizes in photos. I think it might be enlightening to most people.

What are your favorite go to snacks?



  • Jessie says:

    I know not everyone is a fan, but my go-to snack is low fat cottage cheese. High in protein, low in calories, and delicious (at least to me). By itself or with some grapes or an apple. Yum yum. It’s also great pre run because it gives you a protein boost without giving you the full upset stomach feeling.
    Twitter: jessieyeager

  • Shannon says:

    Mmmmmm. Now I’m hungry! I always have yogurt and granola handy when I’m hungry at work. I also LOVE veggie straws–they take the place of me eating 1,000 chips!
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  • HeatherK says:

    I tend to follow this, but I don’t always get the pairings right. I have found that, for me, high protein snacks are the way to go. I usually have 12 almonds (roasted, unsalted) for my morning snack. For the afternoon, I will have either an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter or a chobani greek yogurt. I cannot make it through my work day without these two snacks! You have given me even more ideas, thanks!

  • Katherine says:

    I’m a huge fan of a serving of Triscuits & a piece of string cheese or if I want something sweeter, I’ll have a cup of yogurt mixed with a serving a Special K Oats-n-Honey cereal. I love snacks.
    Katherine recently posted..Almost forgot.My Profile
    Twitter: lilmissrysmama

  • Suz says:

    My mid-morning go to snack has become a Quaker banana nut bread bar with a banana. I love greek yogurt with fruit as a snack too. And I’ve been obsessed with an apple with peanut butter or caramel dip for the afternoons. Yay for pumping mom snacks!
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    Twitter: suzstreats

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  • Kendra says:

    This is great information and even seems aplicable to a pregnant working mama! ;) Wanna know how tired I am… I seriously got stock on your “ducks from daggers” remark thinking it was a phrase that I was unaware of involving ducks (quack, quack) and not the ducking motion! Oi. Snacking on the job is doable but now what can we do about napping on the job???
    Kendra recently posted..There is not enough coffee in the world…My Profile

  • Jamie says:

    I really like the Kind bars from Starbucks.

    Great post with some good ideas that I hadn’t thought about in awhile.

    I will say that is one thing I miss from my nursing days — I was always so hungry and could eat so much! Food even tasted better, I think. :)
    Jamie recently posted..A Date with my Little Guy…My Profile

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