Logistical Mess turns into Unexpected Me Time

Since becoming a momma, having time to myself is incredibly elusive. And it’s confounded by all that working I do, not only at school, but at home. And then there is all the guilt that we sometimes feel for making time for ourselves. Since last school year ended, I’ve looked at exercising as time for me. But since I injured my foot and have been on  a running break, I’ve noticed all that me time has been limited.Even finding time to get to the doctor to check on my foot was problematic with cancelled appointments and the husband trying to change up his work day a bit so he could pick Abby up from school while I went to the doctor after work. It was a struggle just to find time to see a damn doctor. By myself. Sigh.

When I did manage to get to an appointment, I was told that physical therapy was the next step for me. I was freaking. You know, because who has the time as a busy working mom for 4-6 weeks of treatment, 2-3 times a week. During the work week. In fact, it took me a week or so to even make the phone call to begin the process of trying to find the time for the therapy. I was lucky that the place near my home was open till 7pm, but still, so much to figure out. I’d have to wait till my husband was home, hope the kid was in a good mood for momma to leave the house, and find days where my husband could actually be home by 5pm. As well I had to be good about planning head for quick dinners for those days one of use was solo putting it all together. What a logistical mess. I had to go ahead and set up a month’s worth of appointments because those after work times do fill up quickly. So I sit here, anxious about it all, hoping that I don’t have to reschedule due to my husband’s busy work season and all those unforeseen circumstances that come up.

And then it hit me. It’s lame to worry about all this time and the logistics to make it all happen. Because you know what… I do get to have some me time, and it comes in the form of doctor ordered physical therapy two times a week. BOOM! Twice a week I leave the house once my husband is home and I go to have someone help me to work on getting my plantar fasciitis under control. When I was chatting with the therapist last week, she told me that many moms who are done with therapy often joke about coming back just to sit and read magazines. That’s when it hit me. This is a gift in disguise. Another moment where I’m forced to slow down and relax.

During the 40 minute session last week, I rode a stationary bicycle for 5 minutes, got ultrasound therapy on my foot, a 10 minute foot massage,  uninterrupted time to do some foot stretches, and it ended with being asked if I could stay a bit longer to have my foot iced down with this fancy pressure boot. Hells yeah!

So for the next month or so I’ve got 2 dates a week to look forward too. I get doctor prescribed me time. I love my family to pieces. I truly do. But in the almost three years that I’ve been a mom, I’ve learned that to contribute to the order of the family happiness, I need to make sure to make time for me. Happy mommy truly does equal happy family.

What about you? Do you struggle to find time for yourself? Have you ever had any unexpected moments of me time that you cling to?

EDIT: You know how Murphy’s Law works, right? Of course I wrote this post on Saturday and as I’m sitting here Tuesday night after having to take Abby with me to therapy. Sigh. Before I was about to leave, she fell and hit her eye. She was a mess. If I left the house without her, the mess would have continued. So I swooped her up and took her with me. They do have a table for kids, and she was occupied for a bit, but something scared her and she just wanted mommy. So she curled up on the table with me and we hung out while I got my foot worked on. Not the me time I was looking for, but still, we had some sweet quiet moments together.


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