#FirstDayBack To Work in Tweets and Pictures

Last Friday, Brandy returned to work full time, even though she did cheat and went in for a bit they day before as Oliver did start daycare part time to test the waters and allow Brandy some time to herself. She decided to take over @LiberatingWM for the day and live tweet how her day was going. And she even snapped a copious amount of photos to chronicle this day. I think it’s quite empowering to put so much of yourself out there for people to see, especially as her day was filled with so many great moments, where she gets to go for a quick walk to nurse and visit with baby Oliver as he’s at a center right on her work campus! It’s OK to be jealous. I am. And then I think about how Brandy letting is have a sneak peek into what great employers can do to support working moms, so that we can start to speak up and ask for more as we transition back to work after having a baby.

So here it is…in tweets and pictures, a glimpse into Brandy’s first day back to work as a working momma to two:

New hair as she’s returning to work



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