Mondays Break My Working Mom Heart

My son is a fairly well-adjusted child. We went through somewhat of a whiney, clingy transition back to work after summer vacation, but for the most part, he loves his Abuela and the one-on-one attention he gets at her house each day while Mommy is at work.

This week, however, he wasn’t a fan.

I’ve never heard anyone exclaim, “I LOVE MONDAYS!” I’ve never seen a youtube video about “getting down on Mondays” spread like wildfire and remind people of the days they had the Lamb Chop’s Play Along song in their heads all day. Mondays suck as a general rule. Either you’re still tired from all the things you did over the weekend, you’re lamenting the things you didn’t do over the weekend, or something in between.

My son did not like this Monday.

At around noon when I was finishing lunch, my mother-in-law called me.

“He’s very warm,” she said. “I think his teeth are bothering him. I gave him Tylenol but he is not himself. He doesn’t want much to eat. And he keeps calling you.”

“Calling me?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “He is sitting on the couch saying ‘Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.’”

And then my heart broke.

I figured his fever (if it was even a fever) could be attributed to the two molars and two canines shoving their happy ways through his gums. But the behavior? So unlike him. He’s happy. He’s playful. He’s never, ever sad.

So what did I do? I left work as soon as the buses drove away and picked up my kid. Who was smiling from ear to ear. Who chased me around the house laughing. Who ate peanut butter toast and grapes for a snack with no problems at all.

He missed me.

My husband came home from work, walked up to me, hugged me and kissed me. And my son let out the FAKEST cry I’ve ever heard in my life, got between my husband and me, and hugged me. Jealous much?

And then my heart melted.

My kid is well-adjusted, but he still has days when he just needs his momma. And some days, especially Mondays, Momma needs him to need her, too.

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