What My Maternity Leave Taught Me

While I’ve been back at work, at least part time, since the beginning of September, it’s hard to believe that my maternity leave is officially over and I’m now back to work full time.

I don’t say that from that, “Oh, I’m so sad I’m going back to work” standpoint, but more from the, “Holy crap time needs to S-L-O-W down” standpoint.

My maternity leave was 6 weeks, working from home when possible then transitioning back part time for 4 weeks. My maternity leave was literally double the leave I had last time around and it gave this type-A semi control freak working mom quite a bit of time for some self-discovery.

So here’s my list of what my “working maternity leave” taught me…

  • That I am not meant to be a work-at-home mom.
  • That half-days used for transitioning back are pretty much laughable when it comes to accomplishing…well, anything.
  • That taking your newborn into the office to just “get a few things taken care of” is a great idea…in theory.
  • That while my coworkers really missed me and couldn’t wait to have me back in the office, they survived without me.
  • That things will almost always slip through the cracks and I can do nothing about it.
  • That sometimes, I just need to let things go.
  • That I work for some really fantastic people.
  • That blogging doesn’t happen when I’m not working because I won’t make time for it at home.
  • That I could totally be a stay-at-home mom…as long as my husband was a stay-at-home dad. {Seriously…not kidding}
  • That I need the structure and schedule that comes from working.
  • That working is what’s best for my family.
  • That I’m really, really going to miss my midday snuggle naps.
  • That I am so happy to be back to working mom status.

Are you ready to have me back?



  • Shannon says:

    Glad to have you back and totally relate to the “That I could totally be a stay-at-home mom…as long as my husband was a stay-at-home dad. {Seriously…not kidding}”… Me too!
    Shannon recently posted..Do Over.My Profile

  • Mary Beth says:

    Welcome back!!
    Mary Beth recently posted..Yes it’s me dancing to Lady Gaga.My Profile
    Twitter: bloombing

  • I agree so wholeheartedly. As you know I spent TWO YEARS as a stay at home mom. I wouldn’t trade it for the world but I wasn’t as happy as I am now.

    Yes, I miss the girls fiercely. Yes, there is not enough time for a midday snuggle or extra books and yes, I LOATHE the nights where I just want to relax and the girls are being super difficult.

    Sometimes I even tear up that I’m only with them for a couple of hours per day.

    But we are all thriving and I’m so happy to be a working mom. Now if only daycare could become more affordable than it would be the PERFECT situation.
    Twitter: RaisingMadison

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