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dear new working mom

Dear New Working Mom…

Dear New Working Mom, I know what you are thinking. “How am I going to do this?” You are ending your maternity leave just as you are starting to get into a rhythm. You’ve mastered many one-handed tasks, you’ve figured […]

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Someone Else Raises My Kid?

I’m a working mom. So obviously, someone else raises my kid. How many of you want to throw something at the screen right now? Or maybe you wanted to


Tales of an Indecisive Procrastinating Working Mom {Preschool Edition}

There are two important things you should know about me. Two things, which every year I say I’m going to work on, but alas, I don’t. For one,


New Baby, New Routine

::dusts of laptop:: Hey guys! Remember me? It's ok if you've forgotten. I haven't been around much the month or so, but for good reason. Friends, meet Reese. Born 7.19.2012

miss you

Then there were tears…

I was taken aback yesterday. As I put Abby down for a nap, kissed her nighty night and held her so very close, tears began to flow. And


The Juice is Worth the Squeeze

I love pithy sayings like that.  When you can take one and apply it to your life, it feels like you look at your life through different, cooler


With a Wink and a Wave, Goodbye

Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.                  


Dear New Working Moms: It Gets Easier

I had an impromptu conversation over Facebook with a friend from high school who is currently expecting her first child. As I lamented that I would be returning


Keeping the Romance Alive with Love Notes

While the bulk of my job is the 8 to 5 shift at a desk, when summer rolls around I'm working in the field and my hours get


A Complicated Transition Back to Work

It’s transition time for me again. Just one more week and I’m back to work and back to the groove of routines and tight schedules and not enough

My CNN iReporter page

How I Came to Represent Working Moms in a CNN Commercial

This really cool series of events over the course of the last few months resulted in me and the kids being in a 15 second CNN commercial, representing


Making Time for You: A Working Mom Guilt

::curse word, curse word, curse word:: Forgive me while I write through some rage issues. Which you can read for you enjoyment while you giggle at my current neuroses

Insert pouty face.

When I Work, My Kid is Different

So, it has begun. The school year, that is. As all of you, I’m a working teacher momma like Tracy, and every August, I hit the books, write


Does “Free” School Exist?

My husband Jon and I got a super surprise when we decided to have a baby – we ended up with fraternal twins. In the two hour conversation


Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Recently, I found myself having a conversation with an acquaintance and they remarked, "You're so lucky you're able to stay home." My haunches rose immediately and I found myself


Q & A With {Kinda} Living The Dream

A couple weeks ago I had a chance to meet Lindsy in person as she took photographs of me for some head shots where she took this amazing

Miss you

Dear Husband, I Miss You

Things have been busy around these parts lately. Mostly it is my fault. First, I took off to MEET my internet BiFF Alicia for her 30th birthday, which


Confession: I mostly don’t care what my kids eat.

I know parents who don't let their kids have juice because of the sugar content, who rave about their kids who inhale their vegetables ravenously,  who only feed


Office Fashion Show {Accessories Class}

It is my distinct pleasure to bring to you, lovely readers, the always entertaining, rarely duplicating, somewhat fascinating & totally rad: #urinaledition! One of these days I'm certain

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Family Childcare: Let’s Talk About the Downsides

Very often, I am singing my mother-in-law’s praises because in addition to raising three kids, taking care of her granddaughter, cooking three meals a day, cleaning, sewing, and

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