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One Working Mom Surprises Another

So here’s a treat for y’all…which has to do with working moms taking breaks. Don’t we all need a little fun? We do. We really really do. Last week I was missing from Liberating Working Moms, but it served a purpose. […]

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Landon and Kevin

Apps for the Working Mom {Photography Edition}

Welcome back to Apps for Working Moms.  Last time I tackled productivity apps to help you organize your work and personal life. This time I am doing something


Working Mom Meals {Pinterest Success Edition}

There have been copious amounts of recipes I've tried via Pinterest. Not all good. But last night, I had a smashing success with Chicken Kiev, but instead of

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Working Teacher Mom: I Suppose I Should Reflect, Too

Since Tracy decided to get the ball rolling on the choosing not to work in the summer thing and the reflecting after a year of changes in teaching

Working Mom Lists

Vital to my Survival {Working Mom Lists}

I've always been a list maker -- even pre-children I always had a legal pad that I carried around school with my on-going list.  As soon as I


The Irrational Green-Eyed Monster of Summer

It hits me about this time every year. The jealousy that comes with summer break. And let me clarify, I'm not jealous of the working-teacher-mamas I know that get to


Working Mom Guilt {Sleep Training Edition}

Back in October I wrote about my tales of a working mom trying to get some sleep. I guess I should have known that having a good sleeper

"I too sleepy my daddy"

A Working Mom’s Dream Routine

I'm totally about to brag here so, should you not wish to hear me exclaim how good of a thing we've got going on, please feel free to

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A Much Needed Break {With Pictures}

Yesterday I reflected on what this past school year was all about for me. Today, I shall talk about what a teacher break entails. Last night, as we were

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Working Teacher Mom: A Reflective Year

As I sit here typing this, I’m officially on Summer Break. And for the first time in 5 years as a teacher, I’m not teaching summer school. Instead


WAHM: Desk Space Feng Shui

About two weeks ago, I moved my desk from it's previous location in the basement playroom to the guest bedroom in an attempt to secure a quiet, kid-free


There is No Plan B.

I just have to say it…I love it when a plan comes together. And in this case, I’m talking about my maternity leave plan. Let’s review: My employers are

Amanda and me

Friends from Two Different Worlds

So, I asked a friend of mine who is also a working mom what she wanted me to address here at LWM. The first topic that came to

Maternity Leave

What to do About Maternity Leave

Welp folks, 6 weeks to go. Yeah. It snuck up on me. I have to say, the second kid is a little easier to plan for in many


Working Mom Meals {No Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal Edition}

I'm a month into my health kick, making life changes and not quick fad diet changes. For the first three weeks, I was mostly eating plain oatmeal for


Working With Style {Third Trimester Office Casual Edition}

So, y'all remember how within the last couple of months, my job has changed, yes? Well, now that I'm not working for the hunting company anymore and I'm no

This nifty awesome chart from here

Working Together: Building Calm For A Hectic Schedule

Remember that time I freaked my freak over my husband working nights and leaving me to tackle dinner with three littles all by myself? Yeeeeah. That was rough. Notice


You Know You’re a Working Mom When…

When you take sick days for another person’s illness... When you pull a pacifier out of your briefcase... When recitals and little league games are on the same calendar days


Sick of Feeling Conflicted

From my office swivel chair, I can see a daycare.  It is really close.  It’s like watching it on TV.  The playground is eye level.  It is both

Time Wasted

Finding the Time

"I don't have any time!" Often, I find my brain screaming these words when I become overwhelmed by all of the plates I'm juggling. Personally, I feel like my

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