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Thanks A Latte

Quick Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher appreciation week is officially coming up May 7th-11th but for my daycare, April is kind of a whole month of stuff for our teachers.  This week we are doing our goodie week. Over the years there have been different […]

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In My Shoes: How I Came To Be a Working Mom

There were many layers, built over a number of years, under a layer of fear which lead me to become the working mom I am today. It was

Parent Teacher Conference

School Communication: A Working Teacher Mom’s Perspective

Although many won’t admit it (at least not on the World Wide Web), the teachers I know generally don’t like having to contact parents. We don’t want to

My first day back to work!

Laid-Off to Hired Pregnant Mom: A Tale of Gratitude

In January I was a laid-off pregnant mother full of questions and worry. Today I’d like to share with you my story of gratitude. For two months I searched,

Anna Bo Clara glider swing 2

The Case For More Than One…

My friend recently found out she is expecting her fourth child.  While ultimately, just like Shannon's decision to only have one child, it is her decision and doesn't

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Choosing Not To Work {Sort Of}

A few months ago I wrote about my choice to work. WAHM with childcare help for the win was and still is my ultimate goal, though I know


Top Apps for the Working Mom {Productivity Edition}

It is kinda known around the LWM round table that I am the nerd of the bunch. I am cool with that. I have been a nerd all


Working Momma Win: Post-Holiday Lunches

Recently we hosted my husband’s family for Easter dinner at our place. My big kitchen, his big family, their big personalities. That place got loud, it got crowded


An Only Child? My Family, My Decision.

Immediately after I posted a picture of the glamorous princess-cut diamond my soon-to-be husband fit on my ring finger on March 17, 2007, the questions started: “When’s the


When The Meal Plan Doesn’t Go To Plan

So last time I posted, it was all about tips and tricks for meal planning made easy for a working mom. It aalllmost sounded like I had my -ish

breast feeding working mom

A Breastfeeding Working Mom Journey

When my son was born I had no idea what it meant to be a mom and unfortunately, he didn't come with an instruction manual.  I mostly turned


Shangri-La It Ain’t!

I’ve noticed something for a little while now.  I’m a little insane.  And by insane, I mean – I keep doing the same thing day after day and


Working Mom: I Want A Staycation

Time for some deep thoughts by Brandy.  Hold onto your may lose them. This is not my typical style. I was sitting here thinking about being a a

Whatever you've got meal!

Working Mom Casserole?

You know that whenever the writer uses a question mark at the end of the title of a recipe, it's bound to be good...except, usually the opposite of


Choose Your Own Adventure…

I have a very good life.  A life I’ve worked hard to achieve.  Everything worth having in my life I’ve strived for and even the times when I want to string

est. 2005

What About the Romance?

We talk a lot on here about making our kids happy, making ourselves happy, schedules & priorities. But what about making those working dads happy too? Brandy talked


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: A Working Mom’s Body Image

When I was finishing high school and during my first year of college, I probably looked my best. I didn’t work full-time. I spent every afternoon in the


Wanted: Friends for Working Mom and her Toddler

ISO: Friends 30-something working mom of a 2.5 year-old boy seeks fellow working mom w/ toddler for play dates and companionship who won’t freak out if my kid hits


Two Year Working Momiversary: It Gets Better

Two years ago this week, my world changed. I was frantic. I was nuts. I was going BSC. After about five months of milking FMLA with teacher days

Sick Day

Sick Day: A Working Mom Bonus

We often talk about sacrifices we have to make as working mothers on here. We have limited time. We are constantly trying to please multiple audiences with family and work.

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