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Working With Style {Southern Spring Edition}

Welcome to Spring everyone! Well maybe not the PNW…sorry Katherine and Tracy. So if you don’t know, I am in the South. North Carolina to be exact. Home of crazy weather. For instance, it was in the 80s week before […]

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Control Your Crazy

A few weekends ago, I went to the national Hearts at Home Convention in Bloomington, Illinois.  I had never been, but a group of my local friends were

::do not reveal your excitement, grasshopper::

Rebellion Looks Different As A Working Mom

I put pictures of myself all over the internet every single day. I am the first person clients and customers see when they walk through the doors of

Working Moms: We Don’t Ask For Much

I’d like to taste my food again. Is that too much to ask? It’s always, “You feed the baby while I eat” or “He needs to be changed

Messy Desk, Busy Day

So…What’s My Due Date?

As I sat in the conference room at nearly 22 weeks pregnant, wrapping up a nearly four hour meeting all about a complete rebranding from top to bottom, new

working mom guilt

Working Mom: Guilt Hoarder

Time to myself doesn’t happen often. Time with friends doesn’t happen often. And both the former and the latter are due to my own hang-ups of feeling guilt.


Confessions: I’m Why Your Kid is Sick

It comes when I need it the least. The moment I am knee deep in the most important piece of work I've done all week, or the minute I finally

Landon Chocolate Face

Chocolate For Breakfast is Good For You

Yup. You heard it here folks. Chocolate for breakfast is good for you...well your well-being. A couple of weeks ago, a series of things happened one Friday morning that

I will wear these purple suede boots whenever I can!

Working With Style {Scatterbrain Edition}

So, I am not the most organized at the best of times. I used to be, I really did, but then I got pregnant and my brain stopped

Mike and trio preschool 2011

Feeling Judged {Preschool Edition}

After much thought and (mostly internal) debate, I've tentatively enrolled my three little ones (4, 2, and 2) in full-day preschool next year. I honestly feel like this is

Work Life Balance signpost

The Art of Working Through Distraction

"Bella puked at school. She's waiting at the office for you." This is the call I got Wednesday morning at my office. 9:30am as I was stuffing my face

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Party-Planning Working Mom

All moms have to plan in some manner, shape or form. Even if you consider yourself to be the most adventurous, spontaneous woman, to some extent, if you


Working Mom Meals: Mass Production Egg McMuffins

I love breakfast. I could eat it all day everyday. I have a hard time just picking a breakfast. Going to a brunch place is a major mental


Working Momism {5}

Working Moms: The Only Ones To Ask "Is It Monday Yet?" Can you relate? Help us spread the word. Pin it. Tweet it. Share it on Facebook. Let's get

melting clock

Conflicted About All The Time

Last week, my throat was all scratchy, still, and the only thing that I knew could fix it, and make me feel better in the stress department, was


Working Moms Exercise {Beginning Running}

After my post on getting exercise AND working AND being a mama, I got a lot of questions. How do I do it? Where do I do it?

Top and Pants: New York and Company/Shoes: Umm?

Working With Style {Kiss Me, I’m Irish Edition}

I may live in Florida, but I’m a New Yorker by birth and at heart. And my New Yorker transfers to my wardrobe. What do New Yorkers wear,


Belgian Waffles Make All The Things Better

My homeroom and I been planning to make waffles for a while. I don't know how the topic came up, but with middle school kids, random things pop

...they're just so cuuuuute...

Does Working Mean My Kids’ School Day Is a Mystery?

I had a conversation the other night, a short one, with a fellow working mother. We met up at a fundraising meeting and discovered at the end of

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl

REAL Men Support ALL Mothers

I just overheard something on the street that got so far under my skin, it has completely derailed me. Instead of taking some sort of lunch break, or

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