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The Cost/Benefit Analysis of a Working Mom

I am a mom who works, for a lot of reasons.  I enjoy the field I work in and I enjoy my job.  Working in a job I enjoy makes me a happier person, which it turn makes me a […]

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Doesn't this just SCREAM romance?

Working Mom SHAM?

I think it's time I came clean about something. Something I haven't exactly hidden, but perhaps haven't been straight forward enough about either. Something that has been messing

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The Stories He Tells

Several weeks ago, while taking a bath, J started singing a song.   He happily sang it over and over and asked me to join in... but I declined. 


Working Momism {3}

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Scatterbrained Working Mom

When I was in college, I developed a great system for staying organized with all the work I had to do. It all revolved around my planner. Not


Comprimise: It’s Not For Dinner

By Tracy, Managing Editor It’s easy to compromise, especially when you’ve got a bazillion other things floating around in your head. So when toddlerhood eating habits were brought in

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What Makes A Working Mom’s Paradise

I feel like most working moms fall into 2 camps.  You either dread the day you go back to work or you are clawing the walls at 46

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Working With Style {Working With What You Got Edition}

I've been dreading this post. When the school year began, I was coming off losing a bit of weight, which was spurred even more by getting mono, thus

Glory be. (this is embarrassing)

Confessions From An Unorganized Working Mom

I'm counting on you here, ladies. I'm hoping to not air my dirty laundry all over the interwebs and stand here alone in shame. No really...there's a picture

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The Sweet Part Of A Working Mom’s Day

I sluggishly get out of my car, after a 45 minute drive. A drive where I zoned out so many times and wondered how I remembered all the

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Traveling Working Breastfeeding Mom Tips

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm any sort of expert on any subject, because well, I'm not...especially when it comes to pumping while traveling. But


Working Momism {2}

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I’m a Working Mom. Oh, and I’m a Wife, Too.

Things have been quite less than fairy tale-like in my marriage since right around the time we found out I was pregnant. Only recently have my husband and

hear it for the boy

Let’s Hear It For The Boy!

By Brandy Contributor I know we like to get on here and be all "RAH RAH...I am working mama...hear me roar!" but truth is, my household is a real


Working With(out) Style

By Law Momma Contributor In case you haven't noticed, I work with some pretty stylish ladies over here.  When I look at their posts I get all rosy with

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My Front Door As A Double-Edged Sword

By Alicia Contributor One of my most favourite and least favourite things about being a working mom is coming home at the end of the workday. Walking in my

talking about work

Work, Talk About Work, Repeat

By Shannon Contributor  My husband and I are both high school teachers. However, this was never in the original plans. Deep down, I was too afraid to embark on

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Guess What? Sometimes It Actually Gets Harder.

By Katherine Merchandising/Contributor With so many things that are hard, the answer is almost always, "It gets easier with time." For the most part, I absolutely 100% agree with that. Just


Working Momism {1}

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You Are Impressive.

By Brandee Assistant Editor/Contributor Have you ever had anyone tell you that? Look you in the face and legitimately, sincerely tell you that they think you're impressive? Or admirable, or inspiring, or

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