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Dropping the Cross

By Law Momma Contributor I have this cross that I carry around with me.  It’s heavy and cumbersome and it smells like laundry mildewed in the washer mixed with a dirty diaper accidentally left in the kitchen trash can.  I’m […]

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Working Moms Rally {Social Networking Style}

By Tracy Managing Editor Starting LWM was twofold. First I wanted to get back into the blogging game and second, I wanted to provide support for other working moms.

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Working Mom Meals: Quick Low-Fat Banana Bread

By Tracy Managing Editor I've realized that lately we haven't been doing to many Working Mom Meals posts, so I thought about what I've been making lately. And well,


Working Out in Your “Free Time”

By Brandy Contributor When I mention I work out most days, working moms look at me like I have 3 heads. Yes, I find time to work out at


Working With Style {Accessories Edition}

By Shannon Contributor I don’t have style. No, really, I don’t. I mean, I’m not strutting around the school where I work in crocs with mismatched socks, but I hate


The Year Of The Sick

By Jess Guest Blogger from Straight Talk Jess What a month. The new year started and it feels like I’ve been overwhelmed with sickness, sad news, and work.  But I’m doing

Stupid flyaways. Also, you don't want to see what my face really looked like sans the instagram filter.

My Day Sucked Donkey Balls*

By Tracy Managing Editor If you follow me on twitter or FB, I know you saw this:     Earlier in the week when I posted on FB that my worst teacher


Our Mary Poppins Wears Flannel Pants {Nanny Care}

By Alicia Contributor We have a nanny. Well…kind of. She’s mostly a babysitter, but she’s old enough to be the girls’ grandma, so we’ve taken to calling her a nanny.

What is better than a goofy toddler?

But wait, I never travel for work?

By Brandee Assistant Editor This is the sentence I exclaimed to my boss 2 short weeks ago when it was decided that yes, in fact I would have to go on

A Day I Took “Working” Out of Working Mom

By Tracy Managing Editor I can now say that there have been two occasions when my brain was devoid of the working status of my adult life.  Like completely

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While Mom’s Away, The Kids Will Be OK

By Annemarie - Guest Blogger Often when I’m traveling for work and I’m chatting with someone I don’t know at a dinner or networking event, it usually comes up


Working With Style {Resolution Review Edition}

By Katherine Contributor Wow what a week! It was kind of full of random. Coming off of the trade show, the beginning of this week was full of playing catch

To Inspire

By Shannon, Contributor Inspire: to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative I’m a teacher by trade, but a writer


Traveling For Work While Pregnant Tips

By Katherine Contributor Well, I'm home from my trip. And I survived. But, let me tell you, traveling to a trade show for work while 12 weeks pregnant is hard. I


Q & A With Spilled Milk {and other atrocities}

By Tracy Managing Editor When people say that you can't have true friends on the internet, I shake my head. Because Law Momma, of Spilled Milk is my friend.


What To Look For In Quality Childcare

By Tracy Managing Editor I’ve been thinking a lot about childcare these days. I hate to admit it, but we’ve settled on Abby’s current care. We were in a

We Need Your Help

  By Tracy Managing Editor Liberating Working Moms has been around for nearly 6 months. In such a short amount of time we've grown so much. And in doing so,

Working With Style {Teal Edition}

By Brandee Managing Editor I have a problem. I have an addiction to the colour teal. Well really any colours in the teal/aquamarine family. It's an addiction that kind

Preparing To Be A Working Mom {Maternity Leave Edition}

By Ann Guest Blogger From My Life As Prose In our family, I’m the bread-winner. My husband is a grad student, and so even if I wanted to stay

Reversed Separation Anxiety

By Shannon Contributor Now that my son is long passed that oh-my-god-I-have-to-eat-for-survival-every-three-hours-or-I’ll-waste-away-to-nothing stage, he wants to sleep in the mornings. Go you, kid. I want to sleep in the mornings,

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