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As working moms, we are always looking at ways to streamline things, and well, ways to find a bit more balance and less stress. Below we’ve shared with you what we at Liberating Working Moms plan to resolve in the new year. Don’t forget to link up below, grab the badge,  and snag the code to put this link up on your sites as well. We can wait to hear what all of your Working Mom Resolutions are.





1.  Get more organized. I’m thinking my new MomAgenda planner will help with that.

2.  Exercise more. This isn’t for the sake of losing weight, but more so to help with my energy levels and stress levels and helping me sleep better too.

3.  Get better at knowing when to take a step away and relax. I take on a lot and can get overwhelmed a lot.

4.  Stop pushing grading aside. In the long run, procrastinating only causes more stress and anxiety.

5.  Work on relieving anxiety. And I’m thinking working on 1-4 will help with this a ton.



1. Get to work 5 minutes early more than 5 minutes late.

2. No more being lazy! Reserve Jeans & Sweatshirts for days I’m feeling under the weather and/or days following rough nights of sleep.

3. It’s time to put forth a little but more effort…Fix my hair more.

4. Use less post-it notes…it’s a sickness, really.







1.  To try and eat dinner together as a family more times than not (but to cut myself some slack when it just can’t happen).

2.  To work hard enough to get myself back to the same level of responsibility and productivity I had before going on maternity leave.

3.  To get more sleep, however I can manage that.

4 .  To find the time to prioritize my relationship with my husband.





1.  Stop cursing so much. Sometimes, I feel like there are moments that simply require that word. But it is never necessary for my son to learn such language. So, it has to go.

2.  Stop texting and driving. I don’t typically do this when my son is in the car because I’m a worry wart, but I realize that he needs me all the time, and texting and driving can cause serious accidents.

3.  Work out. I just joined a gym for the first time in a couple of years. They have childcare there—I’m not thrilled about taking my son from one childcare provider, and putting him with another, so we’ll see about that—and I want to be more physically and mentally balanced.

4.  Write every day more. This is going to be a challenge in a bad way, but it is so necessary for my emotional and intellectual well being, as well as for my future as a writer and as an example to my son to always follow his dreams.

5.  Play with my son daily. I do this already, but I want to make sure that when I’m with my son, I am with him. Not multi-tasking. Not just watching. But on the floor with him, talking to him, encouraging him, watching him learn and hearing him laugh.


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