Working With Style {Being The Face Of The Company Edition}

By Beth Anne of Heir to Blair Guest Blogger

Without delving full disclosure into my career, I admit to being the face of the company.  As a marketing/sales/public relations gal, I am the smiling face that greets clients in both the office & events.   In short?  I don’t get to wear jeans to the office.  It’s considered bad form to the let the tattoo of stars behind my right ear show.  I keep it modest, both in cut & fashion so not to scare any more conservative clients.  & yes, in the fall & winter, I wear tights every time I wear a skirt.

For an event, the far left picture is my typical outfit.  Black skirt, black tights, black blazer with ruffles, & a sparkling top underneath.  (The sparkles are so I stand out to clients so they will remember me later!  Always with the marketing, folks.)  A casual day at the office with clients usually means a skirt with a blouse & cardigan, while a day of simple paperwork & phone calls means slacks & a blazer with a comfy cotton shirt underneath.  & when I’ve snagged a red-eye home from San Diego, only to pull in the office at 8am?  I still have to be dressed, meaning that I rocked a black skirt & silk top, but did toss my two-day hair into a bun.

My goal is to purchase classic pieces that fit well & flatter – the ruffle blazer was purchased two years ago from Kohls, while the navy dot blazer was purchased four years ago from Loft.  My favorite outfit is a simple black BCBG dress (not pictured) that I pair with different color jewelry or scarves or heels – it’s four years old, but still looks completely new.  I can usually get two seasons out of skirts & bottoms before replacing them, since I do wear them more often.  & before purchasing, I ALWAYS check labels – 90% of my wardrobe can be washed on a delicate or handwash cycle, meaning I don’t have to mess with the cost of time of a dry-cleaner.

Can I be honest?  Folks are super-sweet by telling me they miss dressing up for work, but it gets old constantly ironing & pulling at hose & curling my hair.  I do not even remember what it feels like to sit at my desk without shapewear sucking me in, or my feet not aching by the end of the day.  Like everyone, I struggle to not feel like I’m wearing the same things over & over, or losing my own personal sense of style.  (sometimes?  I have dreams of walking into the office with pink hair extensions just to see how folks would react!  Or maybe a new tattoo?)


So instead, I try to focus on the small details that really pull my own style in.  Long strands of pearls, or a slip that is edged with lace to purposefully peek out from under the skirt.  I have found over the years that I lean towards girly, flirty pieces that really make me feel pretty.

A few tips for working style with a toddler:

  • Invest in a good, pretty pair of flats.  It makes running errands after work SO MUCH EASIER when I’m not hitting up Target in 3-inch heels after a 9-hour day.  This past year, I splurged on a pair of Born Mary Janes for comfort, choosing them in a bright patent leather red to spice up boring slacks & cardigans.
  • Buy things that are machine-washable, but have them dry-cleaned every few months to be properly pressed.
  • Wait to put on your cardigan or blazer until you get to the office.  This way, if Harrison smears oatmeal on my blouse or I spill coffee, I can just button up my cardigan over the stain.
  • Go light on the make-up.  Unless there’s an event, I only wear concealer, blush, & mascara.  It cuts down the time I spend in front of the mirror.
  • Find a good, large bag.  I carry a large Kate Spade purse that I snagged at their online sample sale for 30% of the retail price.  It’s gorgeous, but what I love best is that it fits my wallet, planner, water bottle, baby wipes, toy car, & notepad all comfortably.

If you must stay pretty & polished for your job, how do you manage?  Any tips other than what I shared?

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