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Guilt Breakfast

By Brandee, Contributor Working mothers talk a lot about guilt. Actually, all mothers do. Guilt is just one of those things us humans have be blessed with feeling. Most guilt is misplaced, unnecessary, and wasteful.  Most guilt does nothing but […]

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Punting A Routine

By Krista, Contributor Preface for those of you who don't read my personal blog: My husband is a high school football coach. Why is this important, you ask? You

Back to Work Prep

By Tracy, Managing Editor As you are reading this, I’m back to work. I didn’t need to be at work today per my teacher contract, but with a new

Living At The Intersection Of Options

By Angie, Guest Blogger Angie and her husband Barry, have a 16 month old daughter, Daphne. She works full time as a clinical dietician in a mid-size acute care

Easing Back Into It All

By Tracy, Managing Editor Before we even got into the car, Abby was saying her two friends’ names. She couldn’t wait to see them. And then there was her

Q & A With Heir To Blair

Compiled by Tracy, Managing Editor Since the days of a certain message board, which shall not be named, I've been a fan of Heir to Blair. Not only was

We Did It

By Jess, Contributor I went back to work last week. It was only two half days, but the first step is always the hardest, right? Yes, I missed my baby

Our Own Worst Enemies

By Katie, Guest Blogger Katie grew up and attended college in Southern California where she studied to be a middle school teacher.  Ready to get out of town and

I Can’t Do It All

By Tracy, Managing Editor I can’t do it all. I said that the other night. I said it out loud to whomever was listening. Abby only wanted Mommy to change

Good Reads From Other Working Mommas

Compiled By Tracy, Managing Editor I've been super busy keeping up with this blog and trying to wrap my brain around the impending school year, but over the past

Instant Homemade Freezer Meal: Cheesburger Mini Meatloaves

By Jess, Contributor This post originally appeared on *straight talk Jess*, August 2011 In my last hurrah of errands and cooking before going back to work, I decided to make

Outsource The Cleaning

By Krista, Contributor Do yourself a favor: PAY SOMEONE TO CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. There. I’m admitting it. I am not super mom.  Well for quite a few reasons, not the least

Battling Sickness

By Tracy, Managing Editor Summer isn’t just a break for me, but it’s a break for Abby. A break from daycare. Don’t get me wrong, she hearts going to school.

Canadian Working Mom Made Easy

By Brandee, Guest Blogger Brandee is a marketing professional distracted by mommy blogging, with a passion for writing and a lust for shoes. Mama to her 1.5 year old

BlogHer Reflections on Being A Working Mom: Make It WORK!

By Jenna, Contributor Last week I attended BlogHer, and while I only attended one session (quit it with the side eye) - it struck a deep chord with me.

To Grad School Or Not To Grad School

By Krista, Contributor   I have nine days to make a decision. And sometimes the best way for me to process is to either write it all down or ask

A Memo To My Babies

By Krista, Contributor This post originally appeared on Not Mommy of the Year, May 2011 Dear Chessa and Cole, For the first time in eight weeks (Cole for the first time

Stop The Working Mom Guilt!

By Tracy, Managing Editor Last week, Katherine sent me a tweet with a link to a working momma related post on one of Parenting Magazine’s blogs. (This post stemmed

Change Isn’t Always For The Best

By Tracy, Managing Editor One little question. That’s all it took to put me in a spiral of anxiety. The person who asked this question had no clue what

Mixed Emotions

By Jess, Contributor There are less than two weeks till I'm back in the office. Well, at least half day working that is. Then a week later, I'm back in

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